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Psyren's Redemption Ch 2 | Pt 3
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AEGIS Agent Amelia Van den Broeke appears on scene to witness the wreckage caused by fight between individuals with extraordinary abilities. There she finds Everett Howard, an ordinary old man, unconscious, the only living witness to this attack. What follows will change both of their lives in ways neither could have ever foreseen and forever intertwine their fates.

Author's Note

Please be warned that the titular character and protagonist starts out as a particularly hateful and racist bigot, but needless to say he will be singing a different tune by the end of his ordeals.

I avoided using any overtly offensive terms or slurs, but Everett’s opinions are offensive in and of themselves. His views DO NOT reflect my own, so please don’t take them as so.

Official Report
February 15, 2016
County General Hospital
New Hebron, California

As the beast got closer Everett’s transformation entered its final stage, his skin marred by wrinkles and more than its fair share of sagging, tightened and in a moment decades of age was erased from his face and body as his skin became as soft and unblemished as that of a newborn.

The creature jumped forward letting out another shriek and this time neither the agent or Everett could do anything to stop it. Fortunately, Everett managed to dive out of the way before it reach him, but only just barely. He landed atop his new breasts with a grunt before rolling onto his back to face the creature. It hadn’t wasted time dropping to the ground beside him and he was certain that he was witnessing his last moment.

Time slowed to a crawl as an awareness expanded inside his mind. He could sense the creature and others like it, their minds were alien, so cold, so full of malice, but at the same time there was a surprising amount of intelligence which only served to send cold shivers down his spine.

Their was a unity to their thoughts that would have never been possible in humans. Each of them functioned as separate individuals, but there was no dissent among them. It was almost as if a dozens of humans, all with the same passions, the same goals had their minds fused to each other, but were still able to operate independently of each other. There was a malignancy to these creatures, a cancerous hatred that would have consumed a human, but was for these creatures a simple matter of who and what they were.

The creature nearest to him pounced ready to make it’s killing thrust, but Everett reached out to the group consciousness of both it and those it was joined with and focused hard. The result was unlike anything he could have predicted, the creature stopped in the middle of the air and let out a high-pitched scream so intense, so powerful that even covering his ears did little to block it out.

He strained his senses, tightening his focus on the creatures as the one nearest to him writhed and shrieked against his continued onslaught. He kept at it, not letting its continued cries weaken his resolve, until finally there was a release of pressure, resulting in not only a break in the link between Everett and the beings who were attacking the hospital, but a literal explosion of blood and gore from the one who had been about to attack him.

“I-I think it’s over.”

Everett shook his head as he looked down at his hands with wide eyes. One last change had taken place while he’d been occupied with the creatures, his previously pale and pasty skin had taken on a much darker hue. He stared at his long and slender hands flexing them over and over turning them this way and that feeling a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“What the hell is this?” He asked look across the room at the agent. “What did you people do to me?”

Van den Broeke shook her head staring back at the new woman with wide eyes. “It wasn’t us. I think you’re innate exemplar abilities have awakened. I’ve never heard of it happening with someone…”

She trailed off shaking her head before locking gazes with Everett, again. “So old, but it’s the only thing that makes sense.”

Everett reached up to cup his breasts, filling his cheeks burn. “You mean, I’m stuck like this. I look like some ghetto hooker.”

Van den Broeke blinked, looking like she’d just been slapped in the face. “Ghetto hooker? You can’t be serious.”

She clasped her hand around the door and swung it open with a lot more force than was probably necessary.

“Agent?” Matthews, who was standing on the other side of the doorway when Amelia opened it, stepped through glancing across the room at the newly transformed Everett before returning his attention to his underling. “The threat seems to have passed. All the creatures appear to have erupted. Can’t say what caused it, but from the looks of it the same thing happened here.”

He glanced at Everett again, pursed his lips. “Something tells me your experience was more… Interesting than mine.”

Amelia nodded following Matthews gaze and finally lowered her weapon. “Sir, that’s Mr. Howard.”

“Yes, I surmised as much since she is wearing the same gown as the old man, Agent. Something tells me there’s a lot more going on here than either of us have guessed. We’ve stumbled onto something big and it looks like… Ms. Howard may be the key.”

“Ms. Howard? I might look like some…” He paused between gritted teeth looking back and forth between the Agents and shook his head. “Some girl to you, but I’m sure as hell not. As it is I don’t have any damn idea what the hell is happening!”

“Well then, Mr. Howard, we have best get to bottom of it. If this attack is any indicator, your life could very well depend on it.”


A single cold shiver trickled down Everett’s spine as he looked the man in the eyes. It hadn’t even occurred to him until just then, but it seemed very likely that the events earlier in the night and the attack on the hospital were connected. If that were true there was only one thing, or more specifically person, both had in common: Everett.

Those creatures had been after him, and if they had come once they might come again. His new abilities were impressive, but he didn’t seem to have much control over them, if he was attacked again he wasn’t sure he could fend these creatures off. For the time being at least he’d have to play ball with these damn AEGIS spooks. What other choice did he have?

Psyren's Redemption Ch 2 | Pt 3
Psyren's Redemption | Ch 3 Pt 1

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