Psyren’s Redemption | Ch 6 Pt 2

Psyren's Redemption | Ch 6 Pt 1
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AEGIS Agent Amelia Van den Broeke appears on scene to witness the wreckage caused by fight between individuals with extraordinary abilities. There she finds Everett Howard, an ordinary old man, unconscious, the only living witness to this attack. What follows will change both of their lives in ways neither could have ever foreseen and forever intertwine their fates.

Author's Note

You’ll have to wait until next week to find out how the rest of the visions ends. I’d say I’m sorry, but it’s all part of my evil plan.

Official Report
February 15, 2016
County General Hospital
New Hebron, California

Images stuttered, blurred and quavered. The room seemed to shake as Amy felt a presence so brilliant, and so very alien that she almost lost her concentration. At the last moment she managed to grit her teeth and hang on. The vision slowly solidified and she was entranced by the amber-tinged hues and tones that resolved themselves before her.

Ashtar appeared, jumping out of from the glowing brilliant blue sphere and rounded on the duo of scientists screaming in a language that was as strange as it was elegant. She cast her eyes back to the device and watched the massive blue orb, that had formed in the center of the machine, shrink into nothingness behind her.

Amelia watched her as she approached them with quick steps, and studied them, speaking in that strange language again. Frank and Henry glanced at one another, and Amy was left wondering what must have gone through their minds. The agent had known one of those men, he was brilliant, but didn’t have the sort of training to deal with situations like the one she was witnessing. She was certain the same could be said for the second man.

“Henry.” Frank let out a warning cry that echoed through Van den Broeke’s mind like a whisper muttered in a dream.

Most words were muffled within the vision, but names had a certain resonance that seemed to carry through. Perhaps it was the familiarity with which they were spoken or perhaps it was something more. No one understood how Amelia’s abilities worked, and the agent was no exception. She had a clear idea of how or when they might work, but the why had always been lost to her.

The woman slammed a hand out into his face and palmed it and her unusually long, and delicate fingers bore through his skin as easily as if it were butter. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and all Henry’s features softened as if all the pain, surprise and shock had simply faded away. Amelia sensed the woman opening herself up, something that sometimes happened around others with psychic powers, but what she read from her was difficult to decipher.

“Why?” Her words were angry, and they reverberated through the agent’s skull with crystal clarity. “Why did you remove the gate? It was safer left alone. Now he is coming and if I cannot stop him your world will burn!”

The pair glanced at each other again before turning to the woman with eyes wide. Their words were a jumble, a twisted knot of syllables that could not be deciphered through the fog of the vision.

Her response was nearly as difficult to interpret, but some words, like ‘greed’ and ‘arrogance’ were spoken forcefully enough for them to cut through the incomprehensible gibberish. One word, specifically, sent cold shivers down Amelia’s spine. Not just because of the word itself, but because of the wave grief, anger, and a sense of doom that came with it. When the name ‘Chemosh’ escaped the woman’s lips the agent knew that she must have missed some important detail. It was frustrating, but it was an aspect of her ability she had no control over.

Whatever was being said, all of the talking ceased when the pounding began. The sound grew louder and louder and all heads turned to the source. A massive armored door, that wouldn’t have looked out of place in an underground bunker, bulged inward. With each successive ‘thump’ the door caved in a little more until finally the the frame shattered and it flew through the air toward the woman and the two scientists. Henry and Frank finally chose that moment to flee, but the woman stood her ground and before the shattered door had hit the floor simply walked through it as if it was not there.

“Garos.” She watched the massive hulk tear through the wall and didn’t even bat an eyelash. The creature shuffled out from the newly widened opening revealing it’s charred black flesh and knotted mess of uneven muscles. It was so large that it just barely fit within the twelve foot tall room. It was the same creature she had witnessed, twice before, that great hulking many-eyed mass of muscles.

[Ashtar] A terrible disembodied voice howled inside the Agent’s mind. The creature’s mouth did not move as it spoke, but simply hung open from it’s head. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time and was so powerful that the images of the vision rippled and twisted about.

The woman spoke, but again the words were nothing more than gibberish to the Agent’s ears. She approached the being without any sign of fear or trepidation and something about the way she moved suggested a certain sort of familiarity as if she knew the other being.

[I owe you no answers. Step aside, Ashtar.]

She clenched her hands at her sides then held them out. The great hulking mass stopped as if struggling against some invisible wall. It hunched down on its haunches pressing itself against the empty air, struggling and heaving against the unseen barrier. All it’s efforts proved fruitless.

A rail thin and petite little middle-aged woman stepped into the lab in the wake of Garos path wearing a stark white lab coat, that read “Aegis Research” above the breast pocket. She stopped craning her neck around and looked right at the agent before she scowled at her.

“You again? This is getting to be tiresome.”


Psyren's Redemption | Ch 6 Pt 1
Psyren's Redemption | Ch 6 Pt 3

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