My Stories


Below is a list of my stories and Universes in which they belong. As of August 19th, 2017 all stories have been successfully migrated to this site. They can all still be found on BCTS, FM, or TGST with the exception of the weekly serial which will find it’s way to each site some time in the future.

You may read any of my works for absolutely free, but please note that I am the sole copyright holder and I alone may dictate where or how they are published. If you wish to host any of my works on your website, please use the contact form linked to in the sidebar and ask permission first. If you find these stories on any website other than my site or the ones linked above (especially if someone is charging money for them and/or claiming them as their own) please contact me.

Story Universes

The Exemplar Universe

The Spellbinder Universe

The Earth Source Universe

Tales From Meridian Universe

Aethermysts Universe

Morpheus’s Twisted Universe

DarkRealms Universe

Standalone Stories