Bye, Bye TGStorytime

Well, it’s sad to stay, but I pulled all my stories from tgstorytime*. There has been a user there posting some very transphobic stories and the site owner outright refuses to have their content removed. There was a massive thread about it on the main page and despite having countless users urging him to remove the offensive content the site owner refused. I do not want my stories posted alongside that kind of hateful content.


*That excludes the Mixed Tape anthologies of which I am not the only author who contributed. It’s not fair of me to make that decision for other writers.

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  • I found very quickly this week that we are not protected. A commentator who has apparently posted rude comments under multiple accounts I submitted under yet another screen name. I was told to ignore them. I spent the better part of three says distilling and editing a seral into a novella, and it was dismissed with ‘Where are the f’n lesbians,’ I’m sorry that the response on a website ostensibly for transgender fiction is to tell the authors that the site isn’t there to address transphobia.

    In a genre where many of us as authors are significantly connected to the subject, feeling safe is absolutely essential to our craft. Your need to take a stand over so patently obviously vital is saddening. 🙁

    • I haven’t experienced that for myself, but I’d heard mention of it. It makes me all the more glad I pulled my stories. We don’t need to contend with that sort of crap.


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