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Thank you all!
A coming out of sorts…
What comes next?
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Thank you all!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reached out to me with my ‘coming out’. My anxiety has hit me harder than it has in years and your kind words and support have helped me find the strength to keep going. I am truly heart-warmed by all your responses!

Everyone have a delightfully demented evening,

Daniela Wolfe

A coming out of sorts…

This is really difficult for me, but it’s been a long time coming. Even posting this in the tg community, where I know I will find support, I worry about backlash, but I really need to get this off my chest. Though, I’ve confided this information to a few people to the larger tg community via personal message or email, I have kept it hidden from the community at large. So, here goes…

You know when I first got involved with TG community, I was convinced my interest in tg was just that an interest and nothing more than a fetish. Even back then I was uncomfortable actually calling it a fetish, my interest never really seemed all that fetishy to be honest, but I really had no better term for it. Certainly, there is a sexual element to my stories, but it didn’t define them.

The more and more I delve into my own past and really explore different themes with my writing, the more and more I come to the conclusion I may actually be trans.

I’d had doubts for a while, but I think they finally came to a head after one particular event. It happened when I felt a surge of jealousy when being helped by a pretty girl at a local eatery. She wasn’t attractive enough to grace the pages of a magazine or anything, but she’d had a certain sort of girl-next-door charm to which I’d always been drawn. I remained polite to her, as these strange new feelings seethed under my calm facade. Her service was exemplary and I left a perhaps too generous of a tip, largely because I felt guilt for the uncharitable thoughts I’d sent her way. As I was leaving I found myself uttering a single sentence that shook me to my core.

“You don’t know how lucky you are.”

The girl seemed confused and I didn’t really stick around to explain myself. I never returned, convinced, however irrationally, that she must have figured out what I’d meant.

I had an interest in tg in general at least since grade school, but I had neither a name for it nor a notion that there were others who might share said interest. I remember checking out this book in sixth grade from the school library and sneaking it home so that I could read it. It was the only book in the series that I ever touched and truth be told I was rather disappointed that it didn’t explore the switch more in depth. I found the notion of becoming a girl very interesting and… I was afraid that if my mother discovered I was reading it, she would use it as ammunition against me (I didn’t exactly grow up in a very happy home).

I recall dreaming that I was a girl in my early years, though most of these memories are pretty vague, I do recall having them. To this day, I only recall one of them in much detail, and even then I only remember that it involved me wearing a dress and wig to church.

The problem is, I don’t really feel the level of dysphoria I’ve heard described by most trans-folk. Sure, I’d prefer to have been born female, but I don’t I hate my male body per se, I just feel like I should be female. There seems to be a disconnect from what my body is and what it feels like it should be, but it’s not a strong overpowering feeling. It’s just there.

I’ve written a number of stories with actual trans characters, (not just characters transformed into a female, but ones who felt they should have been one to begin with) and though I haven’t admitted it until now, these trans characters have really been allegorical for my own struggle to define my gender identity.

I have been speaking to a therapist on these matters, but at the moment I don’t feel it’s really helped me define where exactly I stand as far as being trans. Truth be told, if it came down to it I’m not really sure I’d want to transition, even if I were given the choice. I live in a very conservative area and I fear the effects such a thing would have on both my career and personal life. That being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m not going to be a woman in the real world, I can at least present as one online.

So as of this moment, I am no longer calling myself Daniel A. Wolfe, from this moment forward, I’d prefer you call me Daniela A. Wolfe and use female pronouns. My web address, actually works pretty well with the new shift, though I do need to do a little feminine flair in light of this change. Certainly my site logo and description need a little updating, but I think I may actually throw in a splash of pink to the site design to celebrate.

I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I hope I’m on the right path.

As always have a delightfully demented night,

Daniela A. Wolfe

What comes next?

As The Fall of Kruhl draws nearer to its climax, I’ve been looking at my options, thinking about what story I’d like to serialize next. Those who follow my blogs know I’ve talked about some projects in the past. There’s A Rock & A Hard Place, my second entry in Morpheus’s Twisted Universe, there’s Legend of Morgana: Revenge of a Spellbinder, the prequel to my Ragnarok Rising Trilogy, there’s always Onryo’s Revenge and Shadow of Arkana, the third and fourth entries in my Exemplar Universe respectively, but there’s also another option I’ve resisted serializing for a very long time.

As much as I’d love to work on any of these stories there’s one major candidate that is pretty much a no-brainer. I’m referring, of course, to Legacy of Earth, my sequel to Battle For Earth. I began work on Legacy over four years ago, and about a year before I launched this website. It’s been sitting on the back burner for far too long. I have over 107,000 words of it written already with another 100,000 planned. Why not finish this story and finally tie things up once and for all?

Now, the reason I’ve been hesitant to serialize Legacy was because I didn’t really want to spend eternity posting it in tiny little chunks. If I serialized it at the same pace I’ve done with Kruhl, Psyren, & the Virtually Twisted Rewrite, it would take me more than two and half years and that’s if I didn’t go over my projected length which I tend to do.

So, what’s my ‘brilliant’ solution? I serialize it in larger chunks. At least, until I get through the first half of the story. Then I’d have to scale things back to shorter postings, but it would cut still drastically cut down the time it would take to serialize the story.

I’m thinking I’d cut the first two parts (basically the first 100,000 words) into 12 different parts ranging from about 3,500 to 4,500 words. Once I got past that, I’d switch to the same, roughly 1,500, word postings I’ve stuck to with Kruhl. If I can manage it, I’ll try to make them longer, but I can’t make any promises.

I could stop serializing altogether and release it when it’s completed, but then I wouldn’t have any new content for the site for months and months and I’d really hate to do that.

I know what I’ve said in the past about never doing this series as one of my ‘weekly serials’. I know some of you probably won’t like this approach, but I don’t think I’ll ever get Legacy completed if I don’t give it more priority. It’s been four years, for hell’s sake! This serialization style really seems to work for me, and I really believe this is the way to go.

Everyone have a delightfully demented quarantine,


Daniel A. Wolfe

Frick on a Stick

Well, it seems the power supply in my desktop decided to go kaput. And because I cheaped out and bought a refurbished one (a fact for which I am rather irritated with myself), I can’t send it in for a warranty replacement. Good news is, I have a perfectly functional laptop, which I’ve connected to both my monitors, mechanical keyboard and trackball (it’s similar to a mouse), so I can still write while I wait for the new power supply. I don’t foresee any problems getting the next part of The Fall of Kruhl up Saturday morning, but at this point I’m not making any guarantees.

Anyway, I do hope you all are having a delightfully demented quarantine,

Daniel A. Wolfe

Site Changes (All items now completed)

Some of you may have noticed a few ‘small’ changes to the website. I’ve done this in order to decrease my site’s dependency on plugins and to remove some outdated stuff.

Those who follow me via RSS, social media, or email may have noticed a sudden influx of really generic and ‘demo’ style posts yesterday. I was attempting to restore a feature to the theme, and imported some of the default demo content from the theme in hopes that it would help jog my memory. Because I neglected to disable the ‘publicize’ feature of the website people received notice of these posts via the previously mentioned subscription methods. I do apologize.

For anyone who might be interested the changes to the site include:

  • Reverted some of the changes I’ve made to the theme to allow for smoother updates.
  • Removed the ‘Mega Menu’ and reverted the site back to the default menu.
  • Styled default menu to ‘resemble’ the ‘Mega Menu’.
  • Menu now changes color to match page or post color.
  • Enabled the default ‘Search’ box. (It can be toggled via the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the main menu)
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets are now located inside of a popup menu instead of a dropdown.
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets on contact page widgets fixed and made to resemble those in popup menu.
  • Moved sidebar search form down. It was retained as a redundancy for smartphones and legacy devices.
  • Added ‘Meta’ (Login), ‘Blog Stat’ (Total site visits) to the sidebar widget area.
  • Added ‘Recent Posts’, and ‘Most Liked Content Widgets’ to bottom widget area.
  • Removed ‘Arbitrary Quote’ and ‘Random Fact’ widgets, which were powered by a outdated plugin, from the bottom widget area.
  • Scroll Menu on Main page and Archive pages and Meta Boxes on individual post pages no longer scroll with content.

Additional items now completed:

    • Subheader images on individual posts and archive pages are now displaying
    • Taxonomies (‘themes’, ‘genres’, ‘book’, etc.) now showing on post meta boxes
    • Added new taxonomies: ‘rating’ (maturity level), and ‘orientation’ (sexual preference)
    • Updated and re-alphabetized ‘Santa Babe’ (1 & 2) & ‘Honey Bunny’ stories on ‘My Stories’ page to include new universe name ‘Alluring Legends’.
    • Update remainder of ‘My Stories’ page to list the new ‘rating’ and ‘orientation’ taxonomies.
    • Updated Taxonomies list on ‘My Stories’ to update automatically any time a stories taxonomies are updated.
    • Updated font sizes on ‘My Stories’ page to lower disparity between different portions of content.
    • Removed ‘Story Related Art’ page due to extremely low view count.
    • Fix ‘arrow’ on Menu dropdown to match color of menu.
    • Add icon to ‘Stories’ button to indicate it is a dropdown menu.
    • Updated ‘Featured Images’ on older posts to add more variety and color.
    • Updated ‘Post Colors’ on older posts so that they now match their ‘Featured Image’.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,


Daniel A. Wolfe


People really seem to like Honey Bunny! Not only did the site views spike drastically Saturday evening after I posted the story, but yesterday I received more web traffic than any single day since I launched the site! I would never have guessed that this tale would generate so much traffic. I am utterly flabbergasted and amazed, thank you all so much!

On a side note, I plan to incorporate these stories under an umbrella universe. Of course, there would be other transformation methods introduced. Using a single hook for an entire universe would get pretty old.

I have an idea for a ‘Christmas in July’ story with Sammie and Nikki(Santa) vacationing at the beach and another in which Jack Frost would appear. I want to expand the universe to feature other fantastical beings like the tooth fairy, cupid, mother nature, father time, etc, but I can’t think of name that would fit well.

My first thought was something like Holiday Hijinks, but the name seemed so generic and only works for Santa, Cupid and the Easter Bunny. I’ve playing with terms like ‘mythical’ or ‘fantastical’, but these tend to be a little too broad for the scope of the universe. At this point, I have no plans to include the sort of ancient gods, or creatures that such a terms tend to be associated with.

If you all have any ideas, I would appreciated the feedback.

Everyone have a delightfully demented Monday and do try to stay safe from this awful virus,

Daniel A. Wolfe

An Easter Treat

I just thought I’d post an update to let everyone know, there will be no Fall of Kruhl this week. Instead, I’ll be posting a new story, set in the same universe as Santa Babe, but revolving around a warren of anthropomorphic Easter Bunnies. Like Santa Babe, it’s pretty much smut, but it was quite fun to write! It’s an odd tale, to be sure, but I hope you’ll like it.

It’s about 7,500 words and it still needs some edits. If you don’t see a posting first thing tomorrow morning, please don’t fret! I’d like to have it out at the usual time, but, truth be told, I probably won’t get it out until later in the day Saturday. Failing some spectacular disaster, I will definitely have it posted by Sunday.

Have a delightfully demented day, and stay healthy!

Daniel A. Wolfe


I just thought I’d leave a quick note. With the spread of this pandemic things are starting to get a little scary. Please use all the precautions you can. Wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing. If you are working retail, my hats off to you, and I feel your pain. There are a lot of myths and rumors flying around and I would urge everyone to use common sense. Is it really worth risking your health or even your life? Play it safe.

Click here to visit the CDC’s website to learn more about Covid-19 and how you can help lessen the impact of this pandemic.

Stay healthy and do try to have a delightfully demented weekend,

Daniel A. Wolfe

Another Kruhl Delay

As much as I hate to do this, there will be no Fall of Kruhl this week. I’ve been dealing with personal issues this week, coupled with overtime at work. I haven’t had a time to prepare this week’s installment.


Have delightfully demented weekend, and do try to stay healthy,

Daniel A. Wolfe


P.S. The featured image for this post is of Sapphira from the Exemplar Universe.

New Cover Art

Inspiration struck, and I found myself whipping together new covers for the next two stories in my Exemplar Universe. You can view them below. Worth noting the titles on the cover images are working titles. They may or may not stick.

Have a delightfully demented night,

Daniel A. Wolfe

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