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It Draws Nigh…


So, I don’t have an exact timeline, but soon I’ll be removing Battle for Earth from this and other websites. If you wish to download a copy for yourself, I have no qualms with that, but I hope that you’ll choose to support me when it is released on Kindle. I’ve already asked to have it removed from FictionMania, but only because I cannot directly remove it myself.

Update, I’ve added a notice mentioning that the removal of the story was imminent from this site and bcts.


I hope everyone has a deliciously demented day,

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What’s Coming Next?


So, I’ve had a few people contact me about what my plans are next and given all the back and forth I’ve done over the last year or so, it seems wise to do an update.

My next undertaking will be to return to my long overdue sequel to B4E (Battle For Earth), Legacy of Earth. It’s set roughly a hundred and sixty years after the events of B4E and features Jek, a descendant of Lexa & Lily, as a protagonist. There will be some familiar faces, including one or two that will surprise most readers, and will answer some of the biggest questions left open by the first story.

I posted a blog about it waaaaaay back in March of 2017. The excerpt that I posted then, hasn’t changed much in these last three and half+ years, but needless to say it will definitely have received more grammar editing when the final version goes live on the website.

I have two parts completed and both total at over 50,000 words each. I’ve begun work on part three which will be about the same length. At this point in time, the plan is for four parts, but I am terrible at determining length so it could go longer. I was aiming for about 80k words for B4E (if I remember correctly) and the entire series ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 250k. I know some writers set definite goals for story lengths and even force themselves to adhere to them, but I find with my own writing process that those sort of restrictions hinder my creativity.

I will be serializing the story like I have done with my last three tales, but Legacy will be posted in larger chunks (3500-4200 words) through the first two parts. After that it will probably drop down to the usual serial length (about 1,200 to 1,500 words), but it will largely depend on how much I have completed by then. Look for the first part of Legacy of Earth sometime in the next week or two.

I’m going to be completely honest and upfront with you, someday soon I am going to begin monetizing my stories. I’ve already talked with Erin and Cat at Bigcloset Topshelf and things have been put into motion to begin publishing one on Amazon Kindle through their publishing arm DopplerPress. I’m starting with Battle For Earth. So at some point, it will no longer be available for free here or elsewhere. Likewise I’ll be doing the same for both Psyren’s Redemption and The Fall of Kruhl. I don’t plan on monetizing Virtually Twisted or Hunger Pangs as they’re set in shared universes which I did not create. Likewise, some of my short stories and flash fiction pieces (in particular the ones which were part of anthologies) will remain free, but some may make their way to Kindle in one form or another.

I do have plans for future installments of my Exemplar Universe, Onryo’s Revenge and Shadow of Arkanawhich will be part 3 and 4 respectively, already have tentative titles and cover art, but I’m also planning a fifth story. Both will be origin stories. Part three will deal with the repercussions from Psyren’s Redemption, will be intertwined with the events in the Epilogue of Kruhl and Alexandra will be the love interest for the protagonist. Part four will deal with some of the repercussions from The Fall of Kruhl. Part five will be less an origin story, but have more to do with intertwining threads from both three and four.

I am also mulling over a complete rewrite of my Ragnarok Rising trilogy. I took a look at it yesterday and saw a lot of things I’d like to improve upon. Many readers disliked the journal format and I really think the story would work better in third person. There are some things I’d like to expand or even add in and I’d like to lengthen the first two novellas into full novel-length stories. Plus, I’ve mentioned in the past I want to write a prequel centered around Morgana Le Fey which would intertwine Arthurian legend and the Ragnarok Rising mythology.

I don’t know which of these projects I’ll tackle next, but they are definitely a high priority for me. I’m split on whether or not I’d serialize any of these future stories,  but needless to say they will be finding their way onto Amazon either way. Worth noting, I’m shifting my writing away from shared universes and toward projects set in my own universes, so my plans for another Morpheus’ Twisted Universe story and the sequel to Hunger Pangs (which is set in the Enemyoffun’s DarkRealms Universe) probably aren’t going to see the light of day. I know some people will be disappointed by this news, but I want to start bringing in more money to help offset the costs of my transition.

Everyone have a deliciously demented weekend,


New Site Design (updated)


Well, some of you probably noticed I changed the site design again. I know, I know the site is on it’s fourth theme now, but I didn’t just change it for shits and giggles. I’d made some fairly major modifications to get the previous theme working with my custom post types and recent updates to the theme have been pretty drastic. Transferring those modifications to the newer version had just become too difficult and I have no hope of getting help without actually paying someone to make those changes.

In the end, it was cheaper and easier just to start over from scratch. I did lose the multi-colored posts, which I’m a little sad about, but I went with a much more feminine theme this time around which is amazing. The site does still need a little bit of polishing here or there, but pretty much everything is functional.

Bear with me as I work at ironing out all the kinks and put on the last few finishing touches.

Edit: I’ve completed all the changes on my list. I can’t shake the feeling that I missed something fairly obvious, but if there is anything it escapes me. If you spot any issues, please email me or drop a comment and I’ll do my best to resolve it.

As usual, please have a deliciously demented day,


Site Changes (All items now completed)


Some of you may have noticed a few ‘small’ changes to the website. I’ve done this in order to decrease my site’s dependency on plugins and to remove some outdated stuff.

Those who follow me via RSS, social media, or email may have noticed a sudden influx of really generic and ‘demo’ style posts yesterday. I was attempting to restore a feature to the theme, and imported some of the default demo content from the theme in hopes that it would help jog my memory. Because I neglected to disable the ‘publicize’ feature of the website people received notice of these posts via the previously mentioned subscription methods. I do apologize.

For anyone who might be interested the changes to the site include:

  • Reverted some of the changes I’ve made to the theme to allow for smoother updates.
  • Removed the ‘Mega Menu’ and reverted the site back to the default menu.
  • Styled default menu to ‘resemble’ the ‘Mega Menu’.
  • Menu now changes color to match page or post color.
  • Enabled the default ‘Search’ box. (It can be toggled via the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the main menu)
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets are now located inside of a popup menu instead of a dropdown.
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets on contact page widgets fixed and made to resemble those in popup menu.
  • Moved sidebar search form down. It was retained as a redundancy for smartphones and legacy devices.
  • Added ‘Meta’ (Login), ‘Blog Stat’ (Total site visits) to the sidebar widget area.
  • Added ‘Recent Posts’, and ‘Most Liked Content Widgets’ to bottom widget area.
  • Removed ‘Arbitrary Quote’ and ‘Random Fact’ widgets, which were powered by a outdated plugin, from the bottom widget area.
  • Scroll Menu on Main page and Archive pages and Meta Boxes on individual post pages no longer scroll with content.

Additional items now completed:

    • Subheader images on individual posts and archive pages are now displaying
    • Taxonomies (‘themes’, ‘genres’, ‘book’, etc.) now showing on post meta boxes
    • Added new taxonomies: ‘rating’ (maturity level), and ‘orientation’ (sexual preference)
    • Updated and re-alphabetized ‘Santa Babe’ (1 & 2) & ‘Honey Bunny’ stories on ‘My Stories’ page to include new universe name ‘Alluring Legends’.
    • Update remainder of ‘My Stories’ page to list the new ‘rating’ and ‘orientation’ taxonomies.
    • Updated Taxonomies list on ‘My Stories’ to update automatically any time a stories taxonomies are updated.
    • Updated font sizes on ‘My Stories’ page to lower disparity between different portions of content.
    • Removed ‘Story Related Art’ page due to extremely low view count.
    • Fix ‘arrow’ on Menu dropdown to match color of menu.
    • Add icon to ‘Stories’ button to indicate it is a dropdown menu.
    • Updated ‘Featured Images’ on older posts to add more variety and color.
    • Updated ‘Post Colors’ on older posts so that they now match their ‘Featured Image’.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,


Daniel A. Wolfe

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People really seem to like Honey Bunny! Not only did the site views spike drastically Saturday evening after I posted the story, but yesterday I received more web traffic than any single day since I launched the site! I would never have guessed that this tale would generate so much traffic. I am utterly flabbergasted and amazed, thank you all so much!

On a side note, I plan to incorporate these stories under an umbrella universe. Of course, there would be other transformation methods introduced. Using a single hook for an entire universe would get pretty old.

I have an idea for a ‘Christmas in July’ story with Sammie and Nikki(Santa) vacationing at the beach and another in which Jack Frost would appear. I want to expand the universe to feature other fantastical beings like the tooth fairy, cupid, mother nature, father time, etc, but I can’t think of name that would fit well.

My first thought was something like Holiday Hijinks, but the name seemed so generic and only works for Santa, Cupid and the Easter Bunny. I’ve playing with terms like ‘mythical’ or ‘fantastical’, but these tend to be a little too broad for the scope of the universe. At this point, I have no plans to include the sort of ancient gods, or creatures that such a terms tend to be associated with.

If you all have any ideas, I would appreciated the feedback.

Everyone have a delightfully demented Monday and do try to stay safe from this awful virus,

Daniel A. Wolfe




Now that I’ve cleared the issues that arose from the hosting move, I thought I’d post a more in depth blog about the state of things. As you may have noticed from the now deleted blog, the site is back up and running on a new host.

My hosting plan was about to expire with JustHost and I’ve been itching to move to a new host for some time. I initially signed up for eHost, but they shutdown and were absorbed by their sister company JustHost. While I’m not opposed to such a change in practice, there was one big shift which turned me off with my then new host. JustHost doesn’t allow adult content, while it’s sister company eHost did. Granted most of what I write is Pg-13ish, but JustHost’s definition of Pornography is so broad they could have easily used it to justify shutting down my site were an over zealous employee to look too closely at a story like Santa Babe or if a third-party were to report me.

This time around I picked a host which is friendlier to erotic content. I do have a storage cap this time around, but have no fear, it would probably take me several decades to reach that point if ever. Best of all I can post an image like the one below without worrying about having my site shut down.

What does this shift to a new porn friendly provider mean? Not a whole lot, I’ve moved the WordPress install to a sub-directory, and put a landing page in the main directory which warns people this site contains adult content and prompts them to agree to the terms of use. In case someone visits via direct link, there’s also a popup which appears once a month and warns people that the site contains adult content and prompts them to visit said landing page. For the most part I’ll be producing the same sort of content I always have, but these changes have been implemented to protect me and give me peace of mind.

Stories like Santa Babe might get more ‘adult’ preview images, and may share a story with a graphic sex scene some time in the future, but overall I don’t plan on making any drastic changes to my writing style or suddenly start producing outright porn. As far as I’m concerned it’s pretty much business as usual.

I planned to have the site moved to the host weeks ago, but I experienced a lot of issues getting the domain name transfer to go through and when JustHost did finally approve it, it happened a day later than was promised after already being delayed for almost a month. Needless to say I will not be going to JustHost any time soon. Other than that, the move was almost seemless, unfortunately, a few likes on some of the more recent story postings were lost, but it’s something I can live with.

While the transfer was underway, I did institute some improvements to site. The ‘My Stories’ page was revamped, as noted in a recent blog update, and some of the taxonomies or ‘tags’ were updated to help differentiate the “Part” taxonomies for The Fall of Kruhl and Psyren’s Redemption. I also instituted some minor tweaks and fixes here and there that I’ve been putting off for a time. I did notice that the contact form, is not working and I’ll have a fix for that implemented hopefully within a few hours.

There are a few changes I wanted to implement for the site, the foremost of this will be a rating system for stories and I’m also considering a separate type of tag for the sexual orientation of a story protagonist. Let me know if there are any other improvements you’d like to see! I’m mostly self-taught when it comes to web development so some things may be beyond my technical expertise, but if they’re within my capability and within the purview of this site, I will definitely give them some serious consideration.


New & Improved ‘My Stories’ Page


Just a quick note to make you all aware that I’ve just completed a massive overhaul of the ‘My Stories’ page. I was growing more and more dissatisfied with the cluttered layout and I do believe it should be easier to navigate from now on. I’ve reduced the number of images and toned it down to a more subdued design.

Have a delightfully demented night,

Daniel A. Wolfe

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The Bad and the Good


The sewer in my basement has backed up… again! Fortunately, I managed to catch it pretty early and nothing important inside the house is damaged, but I did have to go to the laundromat to wash all the clothes that got sewage on them… NOT FUN! The last time it backed up, a lot of stuff got thrown out and nothing important is stored down there. Unfortunately, this time the back up was caused by the main sewer line collapsing. Which means I can’t use my toilet or shower or really use any running water at this point. I took off work to deal with this mess, and have had to run to a nearby store to make use of the facilities. The one good thing, at least for me, is that I rent and it my landlord who is paying for the repairs.

In other news, I did find a job and it will come with a bit of pay bump. I will be starting at the beginning of April so at least I have that going for me. On that note, I may have to change my posting schedule for the weekly serial to evenings instead of mornings. I would prefer to keep it as is, but my new work schedule is going to make that fairly difficult, but I will have to cross that road when I come to it.

On a side note, I split parts 7 and 8 of Virtually Twisted into two different posts just for better link consistency.