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New(ish) Art


I went ahead and revamped the cover art for both of my Exemplar Universe stories, Psyren’s Redemption and The Fall of Kruhl. The changes for Psyren are more extensive, I almost redid the entire thing. The Art for Kruhl is closer to the original, but I did have to recreate parts of it because I was only able to find still images and some of the source images. I managed to create a version that is very close to the original. I also included the art for the Seal of Disapproval. This is an updated version of the seal which appeared on previous versions of the cover art. I thought it was a fun tongue and cheek way of mocking the old Comic Code Authority seals that appeared on comic book covers.

I hope you like the new art. Everyone have a delightfully devious night,

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What’s Coming Next?


So, I’ve had a few people contact me about what my plans are next and given all the back and forth I’ve done over the last year or so, it seems wise to do an update.

My next undertaking will be to return to my long overdue sequel to B4E (Battle For Earth), Legacy of Earth. It’s set roughly a hundred and sixty years after the events of B4E and features Jek, a descendant of Lexa & Lily, as a protagonist. There will be some familiar faces, including one or two that will surprise most readers, and will answer some of the biggest questions left open by the first story.

I posted a blog about it waaaaaay back in March of 2017. The excerpt that I posted then, hasn’t changed much in these last three and half+ years, but needless to say it will definitely have received more grammar editing when the final version goes live on the website.

I have two parts completed and both total at over 50,000 words each. I’ve begun work on part three which will be about the same length. At this point in time, the plan is for four parts, but I am terrible at determining length so it could go longer. I was aiming for about 80k words for B4E (if I remember correctly) and the entire series ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 250k. I know some writers set definite goals for story lengths and even force themselves to adhere to them, but I find with my own writing process that those sort of restrictions hinder my creativity.

I will be serializing the story like I have done with my last three tales, but Legacy will be posted in larger chunks (3500-4200 words) through the first two parts. After that it will probably drop down to the usual serial length (about 1,200 to 1,500 words), but it will largely depend on how much I have completed by then. Look for the first part of Legacy of Earth sometime in the next week or two.

I’m going to be completely honest and upfront with you, someday soon I am going to begin monetizing my stories. I’ve already talked with Erin and Cat at Bigcloset Topshelf and things have been put into motion to begin publishing one on Amazon Kindle through their publishing arm DopplerPress. I’m starting with Battle For Earth. So at some point, it will no longer be available for free here or elsewhere. Likewise I’ll be doing the same for both Psyren’s Redemption and The Fall of Kruhl. I don’t plan on monetizing Virtually Twisted or Hunger Pangs as they’re set in shared universes which I did not create. Likewise, some of my short stories and flash fiction pieces (in particular the ones which were part of anthologies) will remain free, but some may make their way to Kindle in one form or another.

I do have plans for future installments of my Exemplar Universe, Onryo’s Revenge and Shadow of Arkanawhich will be part 3 and 4 respectively, already have tentative titles and cover art, but I’m also planning a fifth story. Both will be origin stories. Part three will deal with the repercussions from Psyren’s Redemption, will be intertwined with the events in the Epilogue of Kruhl and Alexandra will be the love interest for the protagonist. Part four will deal with some of the repercussions from The Fall of Kruhl. Part five will be less an origin story, but have more to do with intertwining threads from both three and four.

I am also mulling over a complete rewrite of my Ragnarok Rising trilogy. I took a look at it yesterday and saw a lot of things I’d like to improve upon. Many readers disliked the journal format and I really think the story would work better in third person. There are some things I’d like to expand or even add in and I’d like to lengthen the first two novellas into full novel-length stories. Plus, I’ve mentioned in the past I want to write a prequel centered around Morgana Le Fey which would intertwine Arthurian legend and the Ragnarok Rising mythology.

I don’t know which of these projects I’ll tackle next, but they are definitely a high priority for me. I’m split on whether or not I’d serialize any of these future stories,  but needless to say they will be finding their way onto Amazon either way. Worth noting, I’m shifting my writing away from shared universes and toward projects set in my own universes, so my plans for another Morpheus’ Twisted Universe story and the sequel to Hunger Pangs (which is set in the Enemyoffun’s DarkRealms Universe) probably aren’t going to see the light of day. I know some people will be disappointed by this news, but I want to start bringing in more money to help offset the costs of my transition.

Everyone have a deliciously demented weekend,

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What comes next?


As The Fall of Kruhl draws nearer to its climax, I’ve been looking at my options, thinking about what story I’d like to serialize next. Those who follow my blogs know I’ve talked about some projects in the past. There’s A Rock & A Hard Place, my second entry in Morpheus’s Twisted Universe, there’s Legend of Morgana: Revenge of a Spellbinder, the prequel to my Ragnarok Rising Trilogy, there’s always Onryo’s Revenge and Shadow of Arkana, the third and fourth entries in my Exemplar Universe respectively, but there’s also another option I’ve resisted serializing for a very long time.

As much as I’d love to work on any of these stories there’s one major candidate that is pretty much a no-brainer. I’m referring, of course, to Legacy of Earth, my sequel to Battle For Earth. I began work on Legacy over four years ago, and about a year before I launched this website. It’s been sitting on the back burner for far too long. I have over 107,000 words of it written already with another 100,000 planned. Why not finish this story and finally tie things up once and for all?

Now, the reason I’ve been hesitant to serialize Legacy was because I didn’t really want to spend eternity posting it in tiny little chunks. If I serialized it at the same pace I’ve done with Kruhl, Psyren, & the Virtually Twisted Rewrite, it would take me more than two and half years and that’s if I didn’t go over my projected length which I tend to do.

So, what’s my ‘brilliant’ solution? I serialize it in larger chunks. At least, until I get through the first half of the story. Then I’d have to scale things back to shorter postings, but it would cut still drastically cut down the time it would take to serialize the story.

I’m thinking I’d cut the first two parts (basically the first 100,000 words) into 12 different parts ranging from about 3,500 to 4,500 words. Once I got past that, I’d switch to the same, roughly 1,500, word postings I’ve stuck to with Kruhl. If I can manage it, I’ll try to make them longer, but I can’t make any promises.

I could stop serializing altogether and release it when it’s completed, but then I wouldn’t have any new content for the site for months and months and I’d really hate to do that.

I know what I’ve said in the past about never doing this series as one of my ‘weekly serials’. I know some of you probably won’t like this approach, but I don’t think I’ll ever get Legacy completed if I don’t give it more priority. It’s been four years, for hell’s sake! This serialization style really seems to work for me, and I really believe this is the way to go.

Everyone have a delightfully demented quarantine,

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What’s Next?


Yay! I finally completed the last few parts of the Virtually Twisted rewrite and hey it only took me six years to finish this thing off. Okay, so five years and ten and a half months, but whose counting? Yes, that right, I starting this thing back in October 2013, way back before this website even existed! Seems almost like yesterday.

So, exactly how many parts are left, you ask? Part thirty-seven and part thirty-eight (aka the epilogue) still need to be edited and posted here on the website, but that’s it. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out, but I’ll let you folks be the judge of that. Sometime in the coming weeks, I’ll see about having someone comb through it one final time for grammar errors and get this thing posted to all the usual places.

After that… Well, you probably noticed the ‘Featured Image’ for the post and put two and two together, but I’ll just go ahead and said it outright just so everyone is on the same page. Previously, I stated that I was leaning toward another Twisted Universe Story, but after spending so long entrenched in another person’s story universe, I’m itching to work on something of my own. As such, my next project will be a new entry in my Exemplar Universe, the Fall of Kruhl. At one point, the title was going to be the Rise and Fall of Kruhl, but the short title has a better ring and truth be told the Rise comes after the Fall and doesn’t happen until the end of the story. This Tale is set in Amelia van den Broeke’s home town of Tondzaosha, Idaho and picks up pretty much where the prologue to Psyren’s Redemption left off. Part of the story will revolve around Amelia and her past and the other part will revolve around a girl in her late teens who shows up in Tondzaosha, half dead, dragging a massive broadsword and calling herself Kruhl. What initially seems to be an open and closed case ends up becoming a battle for the survival of an entire town as power from another world is unleashed upon the denizens of Tondzaosha. There will probably be a cameo from Sapphira, but she will not play a very large part in the story.

It might be a bit spoiler-ific to say this, but the cover art pretty much gives it away anyways so what the hell? Kruhl’s transformation will involve a change to a seven-foot tall Anthropomorphic Lion (a furry) to a rather small human woman (under five-feet). BTW, the proportions on the cover art are to scale, at least in regards to Kruhl not quite so much with the sword, but that’s something for which I hope you’ll forgive me.

Speaking of the cover, I decided to go with something a little more work-safe. Partially this is because one of the websites I post stories to wants only work safe images on their main page and partially it’s because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the original cover art I created for the story. Additionally, I think it complements the cover art for Psyren’s Redemption rather well.

I have started writing bits and pieces of the Fall of Kruhl, but at the moment I don’t have enough finished to post even one part. Altogether I’ve written something like 2000 words, but mainly that the start of about four different scenes and half of those are probably getting discarded. That being said I want to have at least three parts completely down before the serialization of Kruhl begins. I should be able to do that before I finish posting Virtually Twisted, but I’ve been wrong before.

For those hoping for a Legacy of Earth update, I don’t have much to comment on other than that progress is slow. I haven’t written on it much lately, but plan to spend some time on it after Kruhl is underway.

Well, that more or less sums everything up. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the ending to Virtually Twisted.

Have a delightfully demented night,

Daniel A. Wolfe

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Why comments are so important.


I know, I know, it’s just so much work to comment, right? It takes ten whole seconds to share your thoughts. It’s just soooo exhausting. 😛

All kidding aside, yesterday after I posted the latest part of Virtually Twisted, I received a comment and you know what? It happened to be pretty darned helpful. The person in question ‘Calamity’ pointed out that I hadn’t provided any physical descriptions for either Jim’s best friend Megan or her cousin Allison.

Though I’m a little embarrassed that I neglected to include these descriptions it does help drive home just how important comments are to people like me. Not only do they help encourage us writers to continue it does sometimes give the readers the chance to influence the story or provide critical feedback that can improve the story.

I know some readers don’t like commenting because they don’t feel they have anything beneficial to add, but for me any comment is welcome. Yes, I like thoughtful reviews, but even comments like “This is great, I can’t wait for the next part” are encouraging to me. It let’s me know that someone’s reading the story. I’ll take what I can get. Hell, just using the like buttons is better than nothing.

Yes, this website tells me how many people visit a particular page, but it doesn’t tell me if they actually read what’s there. Actual feedback, is what I want.

Now, before someone stops in and says, ‘you need to write what you want and not worry about what other people think,’ please don’t go there. I understand the argument, and I disagree. I write because I want to share my stories, I want people to appreciate them. I want them to enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. Yes, I write for myself, but with the intention of sharing them with our tiny little corner of the internet.

That’s just my two cents, but what do I know?

PS I made changes to part one and part two of virtually twisted adding descriptions to the aforementioned characters.

Have a delightfully demented day,

Daniel A. Wolfe

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When Music Fuels the Magic


There is just something about a good tune that really gets me pumped. Often, after a stressful day at work, I’ll crank up the ol’ car stereo and get the tunes blaring. It helps me forget my worries and relieve stress.

I often listen to music while writing, it can help me get in the mood for certain scenes and in some instances has helped me get past a particular block. The type of music varies on the sort of scene. Fight scenes are generally accompanied by energetic metal or rock, larger scale battles tend to be backed by more epic songs, sometimes this is symphonic metal or just straight up classical symphony music. Okay, granted damn near everything I listen to is either rock or metal, but considering how diverse rock and metal are I can find music to fit pretty much any mood.

I’ve had others tell me that they feel music has too strong an influence on their writing if they listen while writing, but to me the only thing a tune does is set the mood. When I’m writing, I’m not paying attention to the lyrics, the music become part of the ambiance of the story. It relays the emotions of the characters or helps set a mood. It is not, to me, a distraction.

There are of course those instances I writing in silence, but that can also help set a mood. If a character is feeling contemplative or a keen sense of loneliness, that too can help set a mood.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone else feel this way?

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,



Naming conventions


I’m obsessed with finding the perfect names for my characters. I can’t speak for every writer, but I would say that most share the same preoccupation.  Sometimes names are collected from real life people or locations, tweaked in some instances to ‘protect’ the innocent, but in some instances I have to dig deeper.

I put a lot of thought into names, sometimes I spend hours deeply immerse in naming sites looking for that perfect name. Sometimes I’m looking for a moniker with a specific sound sometimes it’s a specific meaning and other times it’s one that comes from a certain part of the world. In the Spellbinder Universe, for instance, many of the appellations are Nordic origin.

Then there are the times a name is fabricated. Jellfree, for instance, is a corrupted form of Jeffrey. Khala, believe it or not, descended from the name Alicia.

I’ve had other writers tell me that strange or fabricated monikers tend to pull a reader out of the story, but I believe that it really depends on the tale. One set in rural Connecticut, obviously shouldn’t feature a protagonist named ‘Kilthar the Oathbringer’, but rather something like Jake or Steve might just be a little more appropriate. It all just depends on the setting.

I do hope other folks will chime in and give their opinion.


Until tomorrow, everyone have a delightfully demented day,


Daniel A. Wolfe

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In defense of fantasy and sci-fi


I’m a nerd. It’s something I make no apology for and feel no shame. I am what I am, and my interests are varied and diverse. I am passionate about those interests and am often baffled by the attitudes toward some of them. One of the things that so frequently irks me, is that Fantasy and Sci-fi are so often confused with one another when, to my eye, they are very different genres.

Science-fiction came about largely because some of the first authors in the genre imagined what technological feats humankind might one day achieve. Some ideas aren’t even remotely feasible and would basically shatter our ideas about the laws of science if they ever came to fruition, but some are more than feasible. The first flip phone designs were largely inspired by the Star Trek communicator and early science-fiction authors like Johannes Kepler and Francis Godwin imagined space travel centuries before it ever became a reality. Granted, their ideas were largely influenced by the scientific theories of the times and aren’t a realistic representation of what a trip to the moon was actually like, but I think it should show, at least, that some science-fiction ideas do become a reality in one way or another.

Fantasy on the other hand, could never became a reality, but I think people who fail to see past what they deem as silly spell-slinging, and don’t suspend their sense of disbelief never manage to look deeper. Both fantasy and science-fiction have long been a vehicle for social and political commentary and often illuminate the human condition. Terry Brooks, one of the biggest names in Fantasy, has set his most popular series, Shannara on a future Earth that was nearly destroyed by nuclear holocaust. In the future, humanity survives, but the world has been reshaped and magic has taken hold where technology once ruled supreme. Throughout the series, we see the battle for supremacy between the forces of magic and science play out. I dare you to tell me that Mr. Brooks isn’t trying to tell us something with these imagining.

I admit, some stories are just fun romps through an imaginary world, but you can find such stories in damn near every genre. Why, then do fantasy and science-fiction are met with such derision.

You even see similar attitudes prevail in the tg community. I’ve seen many people complain that stories involving magical or science-fiction transformations as unrealistic then turned around and promote a work that involves a big burly man who is over six-feet tall and broad-shouldered, cross-dress and managed to create a convincing facade of a beautiful woman. It’s ever bit as unrealistic and, face it, more than a little silly. Most of these stories involve wish fulfillment , either because they satisfy a sexual fetish or because they help the author work through gender their gender dysphoria. I find nothing wrong with either sort of story, but lets be honest with ourselves, the number of realistic stories on the various fiction sites are few and far between.

I write what I write, because I wanted to bring a different sort of story to the table. I wanted fantasy and science-fiction tg tales with believable characters and exciting plots. I can’t say how good they actually are, as I am anything but objective, but I like to think they at least entertain the folks who have read my stories. Again, there is that element of wish fulfillment in my tales.  Some follow many of the tropes we see so often on fictionmania, bigcloset or tgstorytime and I would be lying if there weren’t fetishistic elements, but I’ve at least tried to portray trans characters in a more positive light. One thing is for certrain, I sure as hell included more than just a little social and political commentary if you know what you’re looking for.

It’s time for me to get going. Everyone have a delightfully demented day, and be sure to check back tomorrow when another one of my stories is posted.

Daniela A. Wolfe