Exemplar Universe Glossary


Original publish date: Sept 7, 2017


This glossary is a work in progress. Some entries may see significant alterations and changes along the way. If you believe there are any entries that need added let me know.


AEGIS Personnel

Albert Hassebroek, Dr.

A German-born specialist in Exemplar medicine who works for AEGIS. He occasionally presents himself as a kindly and somewhat goofy man, but in truth he is mean tempered, manipulative, and egotistical.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Amelia (Amy) van den Broeke, Special Agent

An Agent of AEGIS.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

Amelia has faced a great deal of adversity due largely to her abilities among other factors. She believes her life would have turned out much differently had it not been for the help of representatives from AEGIS. She joined the agency so that she might give back to other Exemplars, like herself, who were cast away by society. Somehow, she develops an empathic bond with Everett Howard (later known as Sapphira Scott) a person who embodies everything she believes is wrong with the world.

A transwoman, who passes very well, Amelia has faced a great deal of adversity in her life, but as she comes to knows Sapphira Scott and the other exemplar overcomes her old hatreds, the two fall in love. After merging into a single being and subsequently returning to their previous form, Amelia is transformed into a biological woman.

Her birth or “dead” name is Andrew.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption & The Fall of Kruhl

Andrew Steenburg, Deputy Assistant Director

Matthews and Van den Broeke’s superior whose duties within the agency are largely bureaucratic.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Brian Malcolm, Director of AEGIS

The government appointed leader of AEGIS.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

It is later revealed that Director Malcolm is the centuries old Moloch, the brother of Chemosh who has remained on Earth for countless centuries to guard and protect humanity and help atone for the misdeeds he has committed in the past.

See Indigo Knight
See Moloch
See Richard Downing Jr.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Carter Rathdrum, Special Agent

A veteran, both as an LAPD officer and an AEGIS agent, Rathdrum who despite his apparent easy going attitude, is a skilled investigator.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption and The Fall of Kruhl.

Phillip Matthews, Special Agent in Charge

A man wholly dedicated to his job and direct superior to Agent Van den Broeke. Never one to get involved in the personal lives of his subordinates, Matthews is nonetheless well respected by all the agents who work below him.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Creatures & Non-Human Peoples


The denizens of the world Daemag, the Assar resemble lions with human bodies. The Assar are war-like and view humans as an inferior to them.


Semi-corporeal beings who would seem to serve Chemosh. They are vulnerable to most any weapons when they remain still, but become intangible when moving. They do not seem capable of speech, but do tend to scream out the word Gallu which is how they received the name.


A creature altered by dark sorcery to become an assassin. The appear as an ordinary human and only reveal their true form when it is time to kill. They possess luminous red eyes, clawed hands and razor-sharp teeth. They possess superior strength and are extremely difficult to kill.

The process of creating a skeada requires a willing subject or someone so broken they’ve given up on life.


Denizens of Daemag


A great Assar beauty hailing from the island of Angol, Gylda was to be wed to the warrior king Kruhl. A spoiled child barely come into adulthood, she was resentful of Kruhl and the arranged marriage forced upon her by the alliance between her father the King of Angol and Kruhl.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
She betrayed her betrothed to the sorceress Reesha.

Appears in The Fall of Kruhl


See under Exemplar (Heroes)


The former betrothed of Kruhl. Leoffa died by her lover’s hand when he was tricked by the sorcerer Odalrik who had cast an illusion upon her.

Appears in the Fall of Kruhl


The former apprentice of the sorcerer Odalrik who once joined forces with the Kruhl in order to defeat her master. She later led an uprising against Kruhl to usurp his rule and free her people from his rule. Though she claims to work for the betterment of her kind, her motives may not be as selfless as she claims.

Mentioned in The Fall of Kruhl


See under Exemplar (Aberrants & Villains)


Exemplar (Aberrants & Villains)


A known exemplar with the ability to phase through solid matter. He uses this ability to rob from banks and occasionally rescue innocents who are in distress. Officially labeled as an aberrant, Babalawo is nonetheless something of a folk hero to the populace of New Hebron. Of African American descent, his alias refers to an Ifá holy man. It is believed, however, that this name is an affectation and nothing more.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

See Awẹ́ Kincaide
See Ashley Harris

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A dark being who appears to have no physical form, but rather invades the bodies of humans and takes control of them like some sort of parasite. He makes an appearance every few years and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. He shares some sort of connection to the being Ashtar, but what that connection may be is anyone’s guess.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A giant whose body is covered in many multi-sized eyes, Garos is a terror to behold and a being of incredible physical power. Little is known about his past, but despite helping Chemosh, he seems to have mixed feelings about aiding the other being.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A great brute of a man who periodically appears and goes on a rampage destroying everything in his path. His motives are unclear, but he does not seem to be particularly bright.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A sorcerer and former nemesis to Kruhl. Odalrik was a powerful ruler who reigned over his people as a tyrant. In his heyday he reigned over most of the human population of Eirdon and had amassed a large army that rivaled even that of the Assar.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
After his banishment to Earth, Odalrik has been consolidating his power and slow bending the people of Tondzaosha and surrounding area to his will.

Appears in The Fall of Kruhl


Exemplar (Heroes)


An exemplar of very samll stature possessing super-speed and agility, he is capable of moving at such high speeds, it is impossible for almost anyone to see. He was injured during the Battle of the Downing Building, but made a full recovery. He is the lover of the exemplar Harrier.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A sorceress and protagonist of Shadow of Arkana.


A being of incredible power, who resembles a human, but would seem to be of extraterrestrial origin. She is murdered by Chemosh, a being with whom shared a history. She passed her abilities on to Everett Howard before dying.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

Though she once believed herself to be the wife and lover of both Chemosh and his brother Moloch, it is latter revealed that the three beings were once one being and had been driven mad and split into three distinct entities.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Named for the Celtic God of the Wind, Borrum is able to call up storms and harness the power of lightening. He is a borderline athletic and sub-apex level exemplar. Borrum was gravely injured during the Battle of the Downing Builing, but managed to survive due to his increased healing factor.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Equalizer, the

An exemplar dedicated to equalizing injustices, the Equalizer is an athletic level exemplar who suplements his abilities through the use of firearms. Though often outclassed by more powerful villians his quick wit and steady aim kept him ahead of the game. The Equalizer saw his demise at the Battle of the Downing Building.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A tall and statuesque exemplar named for the species of hawk and not the aircraft. Harrier is a sub-apex level Exemplar with retractable talons, superior strength and the abilities to fly. She was wounded during the Battle of the Downing Building, but made a full recovery due to her increased healing factor. She is the Aether’s lover.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Indigo Knight

A world famous hero who utilizes a mechanized suit to fight crime. Rumors of his secret identity abound, but the most common of them is that he is eccentric billionaire Richard Downing Jr.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

Though he once believed himself to be the brother of Chemosh and husband and lover of Ashtar, it is latter revealed that the three beings were once one who had been driven mad and split into three distinct entities. Known Aliases include, Indigo Knight, Brian Malcolm and Richard Downing Jr.

See Brian Malcolm
See Moloch
See Robert Downing Jr.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Once a mighty warrior king, Kruhl was banished from his realm of Daemag by the sorceress Reesha. Upon arriving he is transformed into a diminutive young human woman in her late teens to her twenties.

Appears in The Fall of Kruhl


A being, who like, Ashtar, resembles a human, but is of extra-terrestrial origin.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

Though he once believed himself to be the brother of Chemosh and husband and lover of Ashtar, it is latter revealed that the three beings were once one individual who had been driven mad and split into three distinct entities. Known Aliases include, Indigo Knight, Brian Malcolm and Richard Downing Jr.

See Brian Malcolm
See Indigo Knight
See Robert Downing Jr.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Protagonist of Onryo’s Revenge, named for a Japanese vengeful spirit.


See Everett Howard or Sapphira Olivia Scott

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption & The Fall of Kruhl

Sapphira Olivia (Liv) Scott

See also Everett Howard

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Upon witnessing the death of Ashtar and inheriting her powers, Everett Howard, a seemingly ordinary, albeit racists and bigoted old man undergoes an intense physical transformation into a young woman of African-American descent. Faced with the mistrust of Assistant Deputy Director Steenburg, who fears he has the makings of an aberrant, ‘Sapphira’ must overcome his prejudices in order to defeat Chemosh. He is nicknamed, ‘Liv’ by Agent Van den Broeke, in whom he shares an empathic bond.

Later she falls in love with Amy van den Broeke and after her brief merger with the agent comes to accept her new gender and sexuality.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption & The Fall of Kruhl


Named for the angel-like beings of Japenese Buddism, Tennyo is a sub-apex level exemplar who carried twin katana’s into battle. Tennyo participated in the Battle of the Downing building, but did not survive.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

A transgirl like her elder sister Amelia, Teressa buried her feelings to hide them from her father Lucas for fear of invoking his ire. In her late teens she discovered that, like her sister, she possessed exemplar abilities. Including the power to create illusions, cast her image great distances for very short intervals, and is immune to most forms of telepathy.

She has been waging a one-woman war against the sorcerer Odalrik since his aborted attempt to bend her to his will.

Appears in the Fall of Kruhl


Exemplars (Non-combatant)

Katie Brown

A young girl with an unspecified range of psychic powers known to and protected by AEGIS.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


Alameda, Idaho

A town Southeastern Idaho which neighbors Tondzaosha. Alameda is home to Alameda General Hospital. Parts of The Fall of Kruhl take place here.


Located upon the world of Daemag, Angol is an island nation to the east of Eirdon. A sometimes rival and sometimes ally of the other nation, Angol is populated mainly by Assar, while the human denizens are kept around mainly as slave labor.


The world or realm within which Kruhl formerly called home. Daemag is a world where sorcery and the sword rule supreme and the almighty Assar rule over their human slaves with an iron fist.


Smaller than it’s neighbor Angol to the west, Eirdon is a might nation ruled over by Assar warriors.

Grove City, Idaho

A city in Southeastern Idaho which is located approximately thirty miles north of Tondzaosha. It is the home of one of two state mental hospitals. Parts of The Fall of Kruhl take place here.

New Hebron, California

A city in Southwestern California. It is the primary setting for Psyren’s Redemption.

Tondzaosha, Idaho

A town Southeastern Idaho which neighbors Alameda. It is the birth place of Amelia van den Broeke. Parts of The Fall of Kruhl take place here.

Miscellaneous Terms


An Exemplar who participates in criminal activity. Namely, a super villain.


The Agency for Exemplar Governance, Investigation and Security. AEGIS is largely distrusted by ordinary humans and Aberrants, but most law abiding Exemplars have nothing but praise for the agency as it often helps them come to term with their abilities and in the more extreme cases help them make a new identity for themselves when their new abilities are accompanied by a physical transformation.


An individual, with powers or abilities that are beyond that of an ordinary human.

Exemplar Physical Power Scale (EPPS)

When measuring the range of exemplar physical abilities, namely strength, speed and reflexes, Exemplars and ordinary humans are classified as one of five different ratings: Below Average, Average, Athletic, Sub-Apex and Apex. This scale does not apply to any psychic or energy-based abilities.

Below Average

This classification applies to anyone possessing below average strength, speed or reflexes.


This classification applies to anyone possessing average strength, speed or reflexes.


This classification applies to anyone possessing strength, speed or reflexes comparable to a professional athletic.


This classification applies to anyone possessing physical abilities beyond that of an athlete, but still possesses a fair bit of vulnerability. Sub-apex level exemplars can be sometimes be defeated by average humans with weapons. Someone possessing superior strength, but can be killed or severely injured by gunfire would be considered a sub-apex exemplar. Sub-Apex exemplars may also possess increased healing factor.


This classification applies to anyone possessing extreme physical abilities beyond that of the sub-apex level. Such individuals may be invulnerable or so close to it that no ordinary human could ever hope to kill them without some form of advanced technology or taking advantage of a weakness to a radioactive mineral. Apex exemplars are extremely rare.

Pyschometric Retrocognizance

A unique exemplar ability in which the person in question is able to view past events by touching physical objects that have some sort of tie to those events. Currently, Amelia van den Broeke is the only person known to have this power.

Stone of Cold Fire

A device which was used by Chemosh to kill Ashtar and transform her into a block of ice.


Ordinary folk

Ashley Harris

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Formerly the Exemplar Babalawo, Ashely is trapped in the body of a former victim of Chemosh after learning that she was given her abilties to Chemosh and was on her way to being transformed into a Gallu. Though it is not known for certain it is believed Indigo Knight was responsible for her body swap.

Initially uncomfortably with her changed race and gender, Ashley eventually comes to adapt to her new situation and even finds herself attracted to men.

See Awẹ́ Kincaide
See Babalawo

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.
Appears in The Fall of Kruhl

Awẹ́ Kincaide

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Babalawo’s alter ego and son of Noah Kincaide. His life of crime began to help pay for his ailing father’s medical expenses.

See Ashley Harris
See Babalawo

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Brian van den Broeke

The second-eldest Van den Broeke and the sibling to whom Amelia is closest.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
See Teressa

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption

Clara Howard Stern

Everett Howard’s late daughter.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Daisey Fischer

A young woman who works the visitor desk at the Tondzaosha Police Department. She is not an officer herself, but serves as an administrative aid.

Appears in The Fall of Kruhl

David van den Broeke

The youngest Van den Broeke sibling.

Mentioned in The Fall of Kruhl

Erica van den Broeke

The second-youngest Van den Broeke sibling.

Mentioned in The Fall of Kruhl

Everett Howard

See also Sapphira Olivia (Liv) Scott

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
An elderly man who has lived through much tragedy in his life, first through the death of his wife during childbirth and later with the loss of his daughter Clara who was murdered at gunpoint by a desperate young mugger. Grieved with the loss of his daughter, he lets his anger turn to hatred and convinces himself that all people of African-American descent are cut from the same mold as his daughter’s killer.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemtion.

Hailey Stern

Daughter of Clara Stern and granddaughter to Everett Howard.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption & The Fall of Kruhl

Jennifer “Jenn” Riley

Hailey Stern’s lesbian girlfriend.

Lucas van den Broeke

The abusive father of Amelia van den Broeke who believed he could beat the ‘sissy’ out of his transgender child.

Mentioned in Psyren’s Redemption & The Fall of Kruhl

Maggie van den Broeke

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

See Serena

Mentioned in Psyren’s Redemption
Appears in The Fall of Kruhl

Noah Kincaide

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Clara Stern’s murderer and father to Awẹ́.

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.

Richard Downing Jr.

An eccentric and reclusive billionaire rumored to be the armored hero Indigo Knight.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)

See Brian Malcolm
See Indigo Knight
See Moloch

Appears in Psyren’s Redemption.


A nurse working in Alameda General Hospital in Idaho.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Full name Serena Maragaret “Maggie” van den Broeke née Moretti

Amelia’s mother, Serena went by Maggie, the diminutive form of her middle name when younger to distinguish herself from an aunt with the same name, but after her divorce from her absusive husband Lucas began using her first name to signify a fresh start for herself.

When still married to Lucas, Serena turned a blind eye to the abuse of her eldest child then named Andy believing that Lucas was curing the child of what both parents deemed as deviant behavior. After Lucas beat Andy half to death, she lost custody of all of her children and came to see Lucas for the monster he really was and came to reget enabling his despicable acts. After divorcing him, she went back to school to become a nuirse and was able to regain guardianship of her children, save ‘Andy’ who was already of legal age.

Mentioned in Psyren’s Redemption
Appears in The Fall of Kruhl

Thomas “Tom” Shanderly

A police deputy for the city of Tondzaosha, Idaho.

Click here for more details. (Warning spoilers)
Shanderly is a skeada, an assassin created by through the use of very dark magics. Whether he underwent the process willingly or was coerced, it is not clear.

See Skeada

Appears in The Fall of Kruhl.



Spellbinder Universe Glossary of Terms



NOTE: Be aware that this list may see alterations and additions if and when I decide to write more stories within the Spellbinder Universe. Some of the text does contain spoilers for a number of stories especially Incompatible and Transfigured.



Day Story Day Meaning Original Name Norse meaning
Monday Manadag The moon’s day Mánadagr Same
Tuesday Eirdag Named for the Goddess of Healing Eir Tysdagr Tyr’s Day
Wednesday Vordag Named for the Goddess Vor. óðinsdagr Odin’s Day
Thursday Siffendag Named for the Goddress Sif. þórsdagr Thor’s Day
Friday Freydag Named for the Goddress Freya. Frjádagr Same
Saturday Laurdag Washing day Laugardagr Same
Sunday Sunadag The sun’s day Sunnudagr Same



Month Equivalent Anglicized Name
Mörsugur Mid Decemebr to mid January Morsugur
Þorri Mid January to mid Febuary Thorri
Gói Mid Febuary to mid March Goa
Einmánuður Mid March to mid April Einmander
Harpa Mid April to mid May Unchanged
Skerpla Mid May to mid June Unchanged
Sólmánuður Mid June to mid July Solmander
Heyannir Mid July to mid August Unchanged
Tvímánuður Mid August to mid September Tvimander
Haustmánuður Mid September to mid October Hostmander
Gormánuður Mid October to mid November Gormander
Ýlir Mid November to mid December Ylir

NOTE: The date format as used in Incompatible and Destiny by Aryanna is modeled after the format used in the US. It goes Day (Name & Number) then Month as follows: Freydag 9. Harpa.

The date format used by Neil is similar and it goes Day (Name & Number) then Month as follows: Freydag, the third of Morsugur

+ - + - + - +



Air (Wind)– One of the most wild and unpredictable forms of magic, most Spellbinder’s forgo the use of wind magic due to its wild nature. Air magic is weak against Earth magic. Lightening magic is a subset of Air.

Earth – Those who are skilled in earth magic can use it to level entire mountains, but careless use can have disastrous results. Used in conjunction with water magic, earth magic is used to nurture the soil and accelerate growth of plants. Earth magic is weakened by Fire magic and is strong against air magic.

Fire – Fire magic is used primarily for combat, but when combined with other elements can be used for many purposes ranging from cooking to grooming. Fire magic is weak against water magic and strong against earth magic.

Spirit – There is much scholarly debate on the true source of spirit magic. Some say it is the power of the soul, others say it is the source of life itself. The most common uses for spirit magic are healing and defense. Spirit magic is the only elemental magic that is not weakened by another element, but a sufficiently powerful magic-user can overcome a spirit shield by attacking their opponent unrelentingly.

Water – Water magic in combination with wind magic can be used to control the weather. It is also effective against Fire magic and is weakened by air magic.


Charmer – A low-level magic user.
Enchantress – Mid-level magic user. Occasionally an Enchantress will be extremely powerful in the use of a single element above the others.
Mage – A magic user that is only capable of using one element. Though they can use only one magical element, mages are extremely powerful.
Spellbinder – The most powerful group of magic users and the ruling class.


Council of the Seidkona – A council comprised entirely of Spellbinders which rules over all things magic.
Seidh – Magic
Seidkona – Literally means ‘magic woman’, but is usually used as an honorific for Spellbinders.
Seidskati – Literally means ‘magic rule’ and is used to describe the leaders of the Council of the Seidkona.

+ - + - + - +


Crenking – is used in a similiar context to ‘freaking’.
Frizz– is a used in a similiar context to ‘crap’ or ‘freaking’. Examples: “No Frizzing way,” or “What the Frizz?”
Hluti – A slang term roughly equivalent to the word ‘crap’.
Maer – literally means Maiden, but is often used as a slang term to describe an attractive woman.
Splerged – to vomit.
Thached – crazy
Venn – literally means friend, but is often used as a slang term with meaning comparable to Dude.

+ - + - + - +


Kona – Literally means woman, but is an honorific used for women, much like our society uses Mrs or Ms.
Ragnarok – A number of events spoken of in prophecy that will culminate to the final battle between the Gods and the Jotun.
Diox – A carbonated beverage.
Lifkyn – A term used by elves that literally means “Life Kindred” and refers to one’s soulmate.
Mjölnir – A war hammer belonging to the dead God Thor. The hammer was forged by the dvergar brothers Eitri and Brokk.
Hyrklufar – a type of dwarf-made rifle that is unleashes a fiery torrent against an opponent. The name literally means ‘fire cleaver’.
Gungnir – A spear belonging to Odin.
Gram – A sword out of legend placed in the tree Barnstokkr by Odin and recovered by the hero Sigmund. Later broken in battle the sword would be reforged by his son Sigurd. After it was reforged the blade was said to be able to cut through anything and was unbreakable.

+ - + - + - +


Aesir – The Gods
álfar – Refers to all races of Elves.
Dark Elf – See Dokkálfar
Dokkálfar – Sometimes refered to as Dokkálfar or Svartálfar, dark elves are loathsome creatures who bear little resemblance to their Light Elf cousins. They have pitch black skin, clawed hands, flat faces, no discernible nose, white, black or no hair and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Many Dark Elves have taken up residency within Midgard’s crest, but their homeworld Svartalfheim, is one of the Nineworlds.
Dvergar – Dwarves are diminutive creatures who resemble short humans, but have long beards and over-sized noses that resemble turnips. Ancient lore claims that dwarves are descended from creatures similar to maggots, but modern scholars believe that they are distant cousins to the Elves. Dwarves are miners and blacksmith’s by trade. They are greedy and they’re loyalty can be bought. It is important to note that once a dwarf’s loyalty has been bought he is loyal to a fault.
Dvergar Conclave – The ruling body of the Dwarves that bears more similarity to a commerce, blacksmithing, and mining guild than an actual government.
Dwarf – see Dvergar.
Einherjar – Those that die honorable deaths in battle and are brought by Valkyrie to Valhalla where they await the final battle.
Elf – See álfar.
Exiled Elves – Exiled elves are an offshoot of the Lejosá¡lfar and technically speaking are not a separate race. They live under a self-imposed exile and want nothing to do with the Light Elves. It is not unusual for an exiled elf to intermingle with another Vattur. There are four major tribes, the Saerá¡lfar (Sea elves), the Fellá¡lfar (Mountain elves), the Hyrrá¡lfar (Fire Elves) and the Vindá¡lfar (Wind Elves). Exiled elves live on Midgard as they prefer to live apart from their Light Elf cousins.
Fellálfar – See exiled elves.
Faeries – Vattir that are small in stature such as pixies. They are often refereed to as the “Wee folk” and are ruled over by an enigmatic leader known only as the Gray Queen.
Faekyn – See Faeries.
Hyrrálfar – see exiled elves.
Jotun – Enemies to the Gods the Jotun are malicious and evil beings who seek the total annihilation of the Gods and all their creations.
Kobold – Small magical creatures, smaller than dwarves, that are native to the European continent, Kobolds are notoriously foul tempered and are extremely dangerous when angered. They inhabit mines, and like dwarves are extremely skilled miners, but seem to show little interest in trade.
Lejosálfar – Light Elves are virtually indistinguishable from humans save they tend to be slightly taller, more fair are extremely beautiful and radiate an aura of unearthly attraction. They live in a world known only as álfheim
Light Elf – see Lejosálfar.
Mountain Elf – see Fellálfar.
Saerálfar – see exiled elves.
Svartálfar – see Dokkálfar.
Trolls – Huge, ugly, foul tempered and incredibly stupid trolls are reclusive creatures that generally avoid humans.
Valkyries – Angelic beings who serve the Gods. Valkyries are responsible for carrying those who die a honorable death in battle to Valhalla in preparation for Ragnarok.
Vattur – A generic term for all magic creatures even the Gods. Plural form is Vattir. Many Vattir are incapable of lying including, Exiled Elves, Light Elves and faeries.
Vindá¡lfar – see exiled elves.
Wee folk – see faeries.

+ - + - + - +



Epegard – A city well-known for it’s apples and apple-wine. The name means Apple garden. Former home of Derek Hines.
The Dingha – The meeting place of the Seidskati.
Free Federalist States of Nyrland, the – A country that is roughly analogous to the United States of America. Was founded several centuries after it’s discovery by the famous explorer Leif Ericson.
Kingsburgh – A city in the Spellbinder Universe which is equivalent to Hollywood.
Le Fey estates – Home of the head of House Le Fey. Located on the outskirts of New Copenhagen.
Nordic Empire, the – An empire spanning much of Europe.
New Copenhagen – The center of the Council of Spellbinders’ power and home of the Le Fey family.
New Jorvá­k – A large metropolitan city located on the east coast of Nyrland.
Vägburg – A major Nyrlander city located somewhere in the Nyrlandic midwest. The total population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 370,000 thousand.

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Asgard – Home of the Aesir.
álfheim – Home world of the Light elves.
Jotunheim – Home of the Jotun
Midgard – Norse name for Earth
Muspellsheim – Primordial world of fire. Said the be the home of the fire Jotun.
Nidavellir – Home of the dwarves
Niflheim – Primordial world of ice. Niflheim is the home of Hel.
Svartalfheim – Home of the Dark Elves.
Vanaheim – Home of the Vanir.


Ginnungagap – A primordial void that existed before the creation of the universe.
Dagdedar – Capital city of the álfheim.
Helheim – Also known as Hel after the Goddess who made it her home. Helheim is the destination of all dead save those taken to Valhalla.
Valhalla – A gigantic hall located within the world of Asgard formerly ruled over by the God Odin, now watched over by the Goddess Freya. Any dead who die a honorable death in battle are brought here to await the coming of Ragnarok.
Yggdrasill – The world tree which connects all worlds.

+ - + - + - +


The Council of the Seidkona – The body that governs all magic users, but to which only Spellbinders may join. The Council of the Seidkona is also known as the Council of Spellbinders, or Spellbinder Council. The Council of Seidkona very rarely meets and its ruled over by it’s senior members, the Seidskati.
The Dvergar Conclave – The ruling body of the Dwarves that bears more similarity to a commerce, blacksmithing, and mining guild than an actual government.
The Seidskati – The ruling body of the Council of Seidkona. The Seidskati generally rule without consent from the Council of the Seidkona or the greater magical community.
The Sons of Odin – A group of men’s rights activists led by Jonas Talman.
Spellbinder Houses – A spellbinder House is a family or clan of Spellbinders. Each house has a head and generally speaking the head of the house nearly always represents the family as a member of the Seidskati. To be considered a House a spellbinder family must have fifty or more descendants.

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NOTE ON NAMING CONVENTIONS: In a spellbinder house there is what is called a ‘family name’. A family name is given to a spellbinder once she is named an apprentice. All other descendants of a spellbinder house (men, unapprenticed spellbinders and lesser magic users) use the name passed on by their last known male ancestor.


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Aryanna Morgana le Fey – Formerly Thurston Steenburg. Transformed into a woman by his mother, Brigit Steenburg and ancestor Athilda le Fey after his magical awakening. Current head of House le Fey.
Athilda le Fey – Daughter of Morgana le Fey and former head of house Le Fey.
Brigit Steenburg – An enchantress who is the great-granddaughter of Athilda and mother of Thurston/Aryanna. She is very talented and powerful in the use of wind(air) magic.
Claramae “Clara” le Fey – A high ranking member of the House le Fey. Claramae has long despised Aryanna.
Derek Hines – See Daniella le Fey.
Daniella le Fey – Man transformed into a woman who is Aryanna’s former apprentice and current romantic partner. Daniella has been adopted into House Le Fey and allowed to use the family name.
Lilith le Fey – The deceased daughter of Athilda and great-grandmother of Thurston/Aryanna.
Thurston “Thor” Steenburg – See Aryanna Morgana le Fey


Lief Yorgenson – Grandson of Florette Aquitaine and best friend of Neil.
Florette Aquitaine – Head of House Aquitaine.


Marianna de Clisson – Daughter of Olivia and current head of House De Clisson.
Jeanne de Clisson – Former head of House De Clisson.
Olivia de Clisson – Daughter of Jeanne who was very briefly the head of House De Clisson after her mother’s death. Olivia is now dead.


Mi Cha Shin – A recent addition to the Seidskati, Mi Cha Shin is a native of Goryeo.
Motoaka – A controversial member of the Seidskati, Motoaka is a Native Nyrlander who represents an entire tribe of people rather than a single house.
Theodora – A member of the Seidskati and former ruler of the Roman Empire.


Jonas Talman – Leader of the Son’s of Odin who is secretly in league with the Jotun.
Doctor Josef Mengele – A doctor who developed a formula that he believed would grant men the ability to use magic. He tested the formula on himself and while it did grant him the ability to use magic it also left him in a form that was half-male and half-female. The ability to use magic has extended his life, but its use has caused the male half of his body to deteriorate. Perhaps due to the formula’s effect on his mind, he is insane and refers to himself with plural pronouns.
Nicholas “Nick” Flint – Former lieutenant of Jonas Talman who left the Sons of Odin upon learning of Talman’s alliance with the Jotun. He now works for Aryanna le Fey.


Dagmar – Youngest daughter of Hervor.
Heime – Son of Hervor.
Hervor – The Queen of the Light Elves. Hervor is a mysterious figure who seems to have an agenda of her own and will stop at nothing to see that her goals are fulfilled.
Garik – A young elf soldier who served as a member of the Queen’s guard.
Gilda – Eldest daughter of Hervor.


Brokk – Dwarven blacksmith who forged Mjölnirwith his brother Eitri.
Durinn – An ancient dwarf who is one of oldest members of his race.
Eitri – Brokk’s brother and business partner.
Regin – A dwarf, that according to legend, reforged the sword Gram.
Sogvor – A female dwarf.


Baldr – God of the day.
Eir – The goddess of Mercy.
Freya – Goddess of love and war. She the leader of the Valkyries. Her power is second only to Frigg.
Frigg – One of the creators, Frigg is the wife of the dead God Odin. She has taken Odin’s place at the head of the pantheon. Has the power of prophecy and is the most powerful among the Goddesses.
Gna – A goddess who serves as Frigg’s messenger.
Hoenir – One of the creators and brother of Odin.
Lodur – One of the creators and brother of Odin.
Loki – God of mischief and chaos.
Norns – Goddesses of Fate. See also Urd, Verdani, & Skuld.
Nyorun – The Goddess of dreams.
Odin – The All Father. Before his death he was the head of the Norse Pantheon.
Sif – Goddess of the earth, wears a wig of golden hair.
Skuld – One of the Goddesses of fate known as the Norns. Skuld looks after the future.
Thor – God of thunder and the wielder of Mjölnir.
Urd – One of the Goddesses of fate known as the Norns. Urd looks after the past.
Verdani – One of the Goddesses of fate known as the Norns. Verdanit looks after the present.


Crystal – A kobold with an irritable personality who rescued Flint from jail at the behest of Frigg.
Eva – The mysterious girlfriend of Neil.
The Gray Queen – The enigmatic and mysterious leader of the faeries.
Neil – Protagonist of ‘Destiny: Legacy of a Spellbinder’
Marion Valemont – Younger sister of Penelope and adopted daughter of Brigit Steenburg.
Meredith – A servant of the Le Fey family.
Penelope Valemont – Former assistant of Athilda le Fey and was very briefly Aryanna’s lover.

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NOTE: This list is the actual history of these figures and not their fictionalized back-stories as related to the alternate history of the Spellbinder Universe.

Agnes Bernauer – The commoner mistress and possible wife of Albert III who would later become Duke of Bavaria. Believing his son’s liason with a commoner was unbefitting one of Albert’s status, his father, Ernest, had Agnes convicted and drowned for witchcraft. Agnes lived from 1410 to 1435.A.D.
Elizabeth Bathory – A Hungarian countess who was accused of torturing and murdering hundreds of innocent young girls. Later writings would claim that Elizabeth bathed in the blood of her victims believing that it would preserve her youth. Elizabeth was never tried or convicted, but was imprisoned within her home, Csejte Castle, where she would remain until her death four years later.
Jeanne de Clisson – also known as the Lioness of Brittany, Jeanne was a Breton pirate who plied the English channel for French vessels from 1343-1356. She lived from 1300 to 1359.
Josef Mengele – A Nazi physician, also known as the Angel of Death, who was a German SS officer in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. He was one of the physicians responsible for selecting which of the arriving prisoners would be put to death or who was to become a forced laborer, but he was far more notorious for his strange and cruel experiments on camp inmates.
Matoaka – Better known by her childhood nickname, Pocahontas, Matoaka was best known for saving the life ofEnglishman John Smith. Despite what a certain Disney movie might have you believe, Pocahontas had no romantic interest in Smith. She would eventually meet and fall in love with a tobacco planter named John Rolfe. She would take the name Rebecca Rolfe and converted to Christianity.
Theodora – Wife of Justinian I and empress of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire. Theodora lived from 500 to 548 A.D.

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