Open Universes

All story ideas must first be approved by me if you wish to write within my universes. Please, read the universe rules before contacting me. If rape, pedophilia or incest are themes which you wish to glorify in one of my story universes you may as well click the back button in your browser now. I do not condone those sort of acts and there’s no way in hell I’ll approve such a story.

Regarding Closed Universes

At the moment, Aethermysts and the Meridianverse are my only open universes. I’m not entirely opposed to others writing within my closed universes, but any such stories would require my approval both before such a project is undertaken and throughout the creative process and could not conflict with my plans for future stories.

Tales From Meridian (The Meridianverse)

Originally this universe consisted of stories about Angels granting the deepest desires of people in distress. As of May 14, 2017 I’ve opened it up a bit. Namely, stories may now also involve the minion of Hell. Though, I’ve only written one such story I believe the rules below should be enough to give any interested parties a good idea of what to expect.

Overall rules

  1. The location for the town Meridian is never to be revealed. It is located in the Northwest region of the United States in a mountainous area, but that is as detailed as I ever want it to get.
  2. Though it shares the same name of at least one town of which I am aware, Meridian is a fictional place, it should never be compared to other towns.
  3. The story is largely written from a Christian perspective. I believe people may worship in whatever faith they like, but for the intent of these stories the angels and demons within come from a Christian theology. You may have characters of other faiths, but the angels serve a Christian God.
  4. Try to avoid. the angels biased toward or against one particular denomination or Christian faith. If you’re Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Orthodox, etc, it doesn’t matter, just make sure the angels remain neutral toward them. Conversely, Satan and his minions universally hate them.
  5. Stories do not have to take place in Meridian, but if you can at least mention the titular town that would be great. It’s not a requirement mind, more of a request just to tie the stories in with the universe title.
  6. Angel and demons may both appear in a story, but if they are fighting over the soul of a person. I’d much prefer one side wins. There can be no in-betweens in this universe.
  7. I believe that the idea that the ‘devil made me do it’ is a fallacy please don’t perpetrate it in this universe. The devil might tempt you, but in the end you alone are responsible for your actions.
  8. My characters are my characters, you may mention them or have them briefly pop up in one of your stories (pending my approval), but please don’t transform them or have them involved too heavily in the plot of a story without my permission.
  9. Try to avoid having God or Satan make an appearance. Either can be mentioned, but the universe revolves around their servants.

Rules concerning the Angels

  1. Angels are agents of God and are Good. They do nothing out of malice or with a desire to harm a human or another angel.
  2. Angels can be misguided or make errors in judgement, but they are not as fallible as humans and must have a pretty good reason to do so. No air-headed bimbo angel’s making mistakes left and right please.
  3. Angels do not rebel against God.
  4. Angels, never force a change upon a person against their will. They are doing it for the person’s better good and would not grant the gift upon them unless they truly wanted it.
  5. No unusual transformations, if a person is transformed they must be clearly human with no unusual traits. That means, no furries and no physical traits that you wouldn’t see on a human.
  6. Avoid age regression or progression unless it’s for selfless reasons. In other words, if a person wants to be young and beautiful again that’s a no go, but if, for an example, an aging grandfather wanted to be younger in order to have more energy to raise his recently orphaned grandchildren, that would be acceptable.
  7. Angel stories, are about hope and salvation. Overly, sexual stories do not belong.

Rules for Demons

  1. Demons and the devil are evil, period. They are beyond redemption and there can be no shades of gray where they are concerned. They may present themselves as good, lying and cheating to do so, but at the end of the day the reader must be aware of their true colors.
  2. A demon can do something to benefit a person if they wish to rebel against Satan, but they must do so for selfish reasons.
  3. The imagery of fire and brimstone or horns and pitch forks is overused. Try to avoid any depiction that has to do with Dante’s inferno. I know that some view this sort of imagery as religious cannon, especially since Hell is mentioned as being fiery in the Bible, but my views do not align with most other Christians.  To me such imagery is metaphorical. Satan, assuming he is real, is the father of all lies and his servants are more than capable of deceiving humans. They can definitely appear using a variety of forms. In their true forms they do, however, look and seem human.
  4. Satan and his servants can only transform humans who agree to it in some way. Either, they sell their soul, or get tricked into it or something else along those lines. There is, however, on major exception. On Halloween night when the forces of darkness are at their strongest, a servant of evil can transform a human against their will, but when Halloween is over, the human will transform to their natural form.
  5. The Heinz variety of transformations are open to you with the agents of evil so long as they conform to the above rules.
  6. Erotica is allowed.
  7. Satan can be referred to as male or female. His/Her gender is in constant flux and it depends upon the situation. I personally prefer a female representation as it’s just a little funner.


The Aethermysts Universe involves a set of stories revolving around items procured from a magic catalog called Aethermysts. Please, read my stories Displaced, Melissa and Gend-O-Matic before writing any stories within this universe.


  1. The catalog never arrives through the mail. Most often it appears on a table or desk when a person isn’t looking, but can also be found in random places like a garbage can or get blown in by the wind.
  2. Aethermysts is an old-style catalog. Items are ordered through the mail, never via the internet or phone.
  3. Items are often hand delivered by seemingly regular looking people, but can appear in much the same way as the catalog. When hand-delivered, they have no sort of packaging and may not be anything special to look at. The people who deliver the package usually do so without speaking to the person receiving the item, and in most instances will not even make eye contact. I am open to almost any unusual delivery method, but please run them by me.
  4. Most items fit any of these parameters.
    1. They are cheaply made and stop working after a short period of time usually going out in a particularly spectacular fashion like in Gend-O-Matic.
    2. They work amazingly well, but most often not in the way the purchaser intended like in Melissa.
    3. They have a major downside or a strange side-effect.
    4. They only work in a very narrow set of circumstances.
    5. They have such strict guidelines on how they work, that something is almost guaranteed to go wrong.
  5. Stories may be erotic in nature
  6. My characters are my characters, you may mention them or have them briefly pop up in one of your stories, but please don’t transform them or have them involved too heavily in the plot of a story without my permission.