Psyren’s Redemption | Ch 31 Pt 1


Official Report
The Downing Building
New Hebron, California

Indigo Knight sat upright. His head throbbed and his ears rung, but he was alive, for the time being. At first he could see nothing save for a homogeneous blur through the slits in his helmet.

The current iteration of his armor utilized external cameras and sensors, and fed him an incredible amount of data. It also made him reliant on the suit’s systems. When those systems failed, which only happened once before and even then only under extreme circumstances, it left him helpless. The heads-up display flared to life illuminating the room before his eyes. He made a mental note to see if he might be able increase visibility through the eye slots.

Now that the humans were keeping Chemosh occupied he stepped into action. His counterpart believed him dead, thanks to his suit. He’d gotten the idea from a human term, a dead man’s switch. The suit would stop his heart and revive him after a set period.

Such an ordeal would have been traumatic to a human, but his people possessed healing capabilities that helped get him up and going where a Terran would have been down for the count.   Though powerless after banishing Chemosh into the realm of the Gallu, he still possessed his healing abilities and he sensed when others used their powers around him.

As his suit finished rebooting, he looked around taking in the surrounding scene. Harrier and Garos seemed to have fallen in battle. Indigo Knight turned his attention to the center of the chamber where Agent Van den Broeke, Psyren and Chemosh stood. Bathed in light, they appeared to be locked in a battle of will. He knew the agent had no telepathic abilities from the moment he first met her, but how had she entered the fight?
As he studied them, he came to understand. It was the bond she shared with Sapphira, though a faint hum, he could sense the energies vibrating between them.

He spotted movement and turned his gaze upon Babalawo, the young man with abilities so similar to the Gallu. The other man seemed oblivious to him, moving across the chamber toward the motionless trio. Though he didn’t have reason to distrust the exemplar, he tensed as he watched him walk. The man’s movements were stiff, almost mechanical where before the man moved with smooth grace. It made the hair stand on the back of his neck.

He did not confront the man, but rather watched. If his instincts were correct, then it might be best if Babalawo did not know of his prescence. If he needed to stop the man, it would be much easier with the element of surprise on his side. The Gallu were hard to kill. Their ability to phase through matter meant that so long as they remained in their phased state they were impervious to most conventional weapons. Moloch suspected the same would be true of the exemplar.

The Gallu… Indigo Knight peered back out the opening in the building made by Garos as realization hit him. Why was it none of the creatures entered the building? They loved to feed on dying exemplars and the energies being unleashed within from Chemosh alone would have been enough to draw them like bees to honey.

He eyed the gateway, noting the girl laying at its base. One of Chemosh’s former hosts. He tried to avoid direct confrontations with his brother over the centuries, but he was often on scene in the aftermath cleaning up her messes. He’d left a lot of hosts behind, most of those times they were dead, but there were he left one that was still breathing. This girl fell into the latter category. Which  meant Chemosh had wiped her mind clean.  She would be a blank slate.

Why leave the girl at all? He’d had ample opportunity to kill her, unless he intended to make use of the body. He jerked his head up, eying the gateway as understanding dawned on him. There was one way to know for certain if his suspicions were correct.

Though his suit was a technological marvel to the people of Earth, to a being who had once witnessed stars and entire solar systems destroyed in the blink of an eye the armor was a limited, but useful tool. He’d made use of human tech to build it, but he’d made many improvements with his knowledge of the sciences. The sensors alone were, perhaps the most advanced part of the armor, and it was that which he activated.

A sinking feeling formed in the pit of his stomach as the results of his scans appeared on the HUD. Chemosh had made extensive modifications to the gateway, and… she was making use of the Downing building’s power source to fuel the additional power requirements. He had designed the reactor himself, and he had intended it for more than the building itself, but to also to provide energy to the Indigo Knight’s new regional base.

He had provided his brother the means through which she was enacting her plan.

The chamber flooded with light and Moloch spun around in time to make out two figures become one. Agent Van den Broeke’s form merged with that of her charge. Their forms contorted and bent, pulsating between their two forms, before they stabilized on one somewhere between the two but also possessed features which neither possessed. He recognized those as well, though he had not laid eyes on the being who owned them in many centuries. They belonged to Ashtar.

His breath caught in his throat as his mind raced, but before he could form any conclusions Babalawo struck. The letting out a high-pitched almost inhuman screech as he slipped his hand through the amalgamation’s chest.

“Gallu!”  The man shrieked and Moloch understood what force had overtaken the exemplar. He trained raised both arms training his suits weapons on the man, but hesitated. If he fired, the resulting blast might hit Babalawo’s victim.

The woman’s eyes, looked unfocused, as if in a daze, but the more Babalawo dug around inside her chest, the more her eyes came into focus. She gasped, and her eyes grew wide staring down in horror as she noticed the world around her. She would soon die if he did nothing.

Seeing no other alternative Moloch opened fire.

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    11/06/2018 at 9:24 am


    The chapter number in the title is wrong: should be 31 instead of 30.

    Thank you for a very interesting story.


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      Daniel A. Wolfe
      11/06/2018 at 9:55 am

      Well, crap. It’s now been fixed. Thank you for calling attention to it, and thank you for reading.

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