About Me

Hello, boys, girls, enbys and folks of all other gender identities! I’m Daniela A. Wolfe, the transgender fiction writer. Until recently I was going by Daniel, but if you know anything about trans folk, well… you know how that works. In parts of the TG community my username is DAW, DAW1236, or D.A.W. I’ll answer to either Dani or Daniela, but please use female pronouns when referring to me.

I mainly write action/adventure, fantasy or science-fiction male to female transgender transformation stories, but once in a while you might see something a bit different pop up.

I’ve created this site as something new and shiny for me to play with and to give me greater control over the content I create. I still intend to post my stories and art elsewhere, but the increased control on this site will allow for me to present my stories in a much more refined and customized format. Basically, they’ll look prettier.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, and you’re a fan of my writing, consider bookmarking this site or subscribing via email, social media, or by the RSS feed. Any story that I post in the future will get posted here first and subsequently to Bigcloset Topshelf, TGStorytime, Fictionmania, and sometimes even DeviantArt.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,