Daniela A. Wolfe is a wolf in sheep’s cloths, dead set on fomenting chaos and stealing all the world’s ice cream. In her free time, she’s a science-fiction and fantasy enthusiast who pens stories with mainstream appeal, but with transgender and LGBTQ+ themes. A writer of TG stories long before her egg cracked, Daniela has since dedicated herself to producing stories that are more affirming to the queer community.

Daniela is a lover of rock and metal music, is a prolific snuggler and firmly believes that everyone has a creative talent. She makes all her own cover art and runs her own website, danielawolfe.com. She is passionate about transgender rights and is noted for her quirky sense of humor and outspoken political views. She lives in Northern Utah and was born in Southern Idaho.

In the distant past, she used the name DAW, DAW1236, or D.A.W. on various TG fiction sites. She eventually came up with the backronym Daniel A. Wolfe before finally accepting she is trans and settled on Daniela.

If you enjoy her stories, please consider following the site’s RSS Feed, subscribing via email or following her on twitter where she discusses trans rights and general zaniness. Some of her free works may also be found on Bigcloset Topsehlf, Scribble Hub, Fictionmania, & DeviantArt.