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Apologies. I was a little preemptive in posting this draft, the blog text is up now.

Some of you may have noticed I added pagination (page number links) to the top part of the site. I was getting tired of scrolling all the way to the bottom just to switch pages. In addition, I restyled the bottom pagination so that it matches the top. I originally intended to match the top to the original styling, but because of the way the theme is designed that would have involved a lot of moving stuff around and I really didn’t want to make such a drastic modification. After some experimenting I just decided to restyle both the top and bottom to a new design. I’m rather pleased with the result, I hope you all like the addition.

Please note, I also noticed that the Tags & More page doesn’t work so well on small mobile devices. I have a fix that should work, but it involves switching from using to using a table, to floating divs. It’s not a particularly hard fix, but while I’m fixing it, it probably will load a little funny.

So, I went ahead and updated the cover images for Legacy of Earth and the made entirely new one for the umbrella universe The Earth Source Universe. You can see the images and read their captions in the Gallery below. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did making them!

(click on the magnifying glass to view full size)

  • This is the umbrella universe cover for The Earth Source Universe which includes Battle for Earth and Legacy of Earth.
  • The Legacy of Earth series.
  • Part 1. The person pictured is Jek, the protagonist of the series, the great-grandchild of Lexa Briggs from Battle For Earth.
  • Part 2. This one features Jek in her post-transformation form. She goes by Kayde (short for Kaydence) in this form. I've tweaked with her face multiple times before finally settling on this version. I wound up using a gender-change filter on a popular face morphing app and wound up with a pretty damn good female likeness. This time around she actually looks like her old male self.
  • Part 3. Above is Tanner, the main love interest for the series.
  • Part 4. This one freatures someone? Shhh... It's a secret.

Have delightfully demented day,

Daniel A. Wolfe

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