Hey, I Made Some Things!


Okay, so I’ve been working on my Ragnarok Rising rewrite, mainly on days where I’m not feeling particularly inspired with Legacy of Earth and yesterday I was just not very productive for writing in general. So, I made the cover art which you can find below.

For those that aren’t aware, the series is an Alternate History Steampunk Fantasy which draws heavily from Norse Mythology. The new version will be more ‘Steampunky’ and I’m going to expand things and introduce certain plot elements earlier in the series. I may also develop the magic system a bit more. Most notably the journal format, which so many people seemed to just hate (not to mention the narrative-style of Transfigured which I’m not going into), will be replaced by third-person narrative. This will allow me to shift perspectives and tell a more rounded story.

Hope you all had a deliciously demented New Years,

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