Site Changes (All items now completed)

Some of you may have noticed a few ‘small’ changes to the website. I’ve done this in order to decrease my site’s dependency on plugins and to remove some outdated stuff.

Those who follow me via RSS, social media, or email may have noticed a sudden influx of really generic and ‘demo’ style posts yesterday. I was attempting to restore a feature to the theme, and imported some of the default demo content from the theme in hopes that it would help jog my memory. Because I neglected to disable the ‘publicize’ feature of the website people received notice of these posts via the previously mentioned subscription methods. I do apologize.

For anyone who might be interested the changes to the site include:

  • Reverted some of the changes I’ve made to the theme to allow for smoother updates.
  • Removed the ‘Mega Menu’ and reverted the site back to the default menu.
  • Styled default menu to ‘resemble’ the ‘Mega Menu’.
  • Menu now changes color to match page or post color.
  • Enabled the default ‘Search’ box. (It can be toggled via the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the main menu)
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets are now located inside of a popup menu instead of a dropdown.
  • Subscribe & Follow widgets on contact page widgets fixed and made to resemble those in popup menu.
  • Moved sidebar search form down. It was retained as a redundancy for smartphones and legacy devices.
  • Added ‘Meta’ (Login), ‘Blog Stat’ (Total site visits) to the sidebar widget area.
  • Added ‘Recent Posts’, and ‘Most Liked Content Widgets’ to bottom widget area.
  • Removed ‘Arbitrary Quote’ and ‘Random Fact’ widgets, which were powered by a outdated plugin, from the bottom widget area.
  • Scroll Menu on Main page and Archive pages and Meta Boxes on individual post pages no longer scroll with content.

Additional items now completed:

    • Subheader images on individual posts and archive pages are now displaying
    • Taxonomies (‘themes’, ‘genres’, ‘book’, etc.) now showing on post meta boxes
    • Added new taxonomies: ‘rating’ (maturity level), and ‘orientation’ (sexual preference)
    • Updated and re-alphabetized ‘Santa Babe’ (1 & 2) & ‘Honey Bunny’ stories on ‘My Stories’ page to include new universe name ‘Alluring Legends’.
    • Update remainder of ‘My Stories’ page to list the new ‘rating’ and ‘orientation’ taxonomies.
    • Updated Taxonomies list on ‘My Stories’ to update automatically any time a stories taxonomies are updated.
    • Updated font sizes on ‘My Stories’ page to lower disparity between different portions of content.
    • Removed ‘Story Related Art’ page due to extremely low view count.
    • Fix ‘arrow’ on Menu dropdown to match color of menu.
    • Add icon to ‘Stories’ button to indicate it is a dropdown menu.
    • Updated ‘Featured Images’ on older posts to add more variety and color.
    • Updated ‘Post Colors’ on older posts so that they now match their ‘Featured Image’.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,


Daniel A. Wolfe

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Hi, I'm Daniel A. Wolfe, thanks for visiting the site and for read my stories. You can find more out about me by visiting the about me page. Please take a moment to comment, it really helps encourage me to continue writing.

Have a delightfully demented day!

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