Welcome, welcome! Pull up a chair, have a seat, make yourself comfortable. Mi casa es su casa. Just please, don’t put your feet up on the furniture. I just got this place looking all pretty.

So, you may have stumbled across this site and wondered, “What the heck is TG fiction?”

Well, it means literally transgender fiction, and you know what not all of it is about someone transitioning from male to female or visa versa. In fact, most of it is wish-fulfillment and/or pure smut featuring characters who cross-dress, wear bodysuits of the opposite gender or ones who get transformed.

So which category do I fall under? Hell, if I know. I don’t consider what I write porn, but my stories do have adult scenes hence the warning page when you first visit the site. Frankly, there aren’t a lot of people who write the sort of tales I do. Most of my stories are fantasy or science-fiction themed tg where the protagonist happens to be transformed into a woman. Some stories, the transformation is key to the plot, like my Ragnarok Rising trilogy and some the character just gets changed over the course of a story.

If you’re visiting this site because, golly gee, you’re already a fan of my writing, glad to see you and I hope you’ll bookmark this site and pop in from time to time. I plan to post blogs, progress reports on my writing, links to news articles, opinion pieces, etc from time to time. That is to say, one of those, at least once a week. In addition, for the foreseeable future, every single one of my stories will find it’s way here, every Saturday morning at five. So keep an eye out for that.

In the past, I posted all my stories over at Bigcloset Topshelf, Fictionmania, and tgstorytime, and that will never change. The main difference in the future will be that they’ll be posted here first day(s) before they ever find their way to the other sites. So, if you wanna read ’em first, you know what site you need to visit.

Everyone, have a delightfully demented night,

Daniel A. Wolfe (aka D.A.W.)

Battle For Earth

I was only four years old when the Qharr invaded our world. They rained death and destruction upon the Earth and when the smoke finally cleared those of us who survived lived to see ourselves fall under their rule.
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