Part 10 – Shifting Attitudes

When my trick revealed itself, it happened by accident. I gritted my teeth and brought my hands up, but stopped my arms brushed against the side of my boobs.
“Shit, these things just get in the damn way. I wish they wouldn’t jiggle so damn much,” I stared at them and felt my cheeks burn.
“You get used to them,” Megan shrugged. “A bra would help with the jiggling.”
I couldn’t help it, the image popped into my head and my clothes twisted and contorted as if they’d come alive. The collar of my polo detached itself from the rest of the shirt and slithered inside nestling itself against my breasts, but that wasn’t the only activity under my shirt. Hundreds of tiny threads work themselves from the bottom of the shirt and inch up around the uncovered portion of my breasts, the space between them, under my armpits and around my back. I gasped and my eyes growing wide as the fabric formed under my shirt. Shit, it felt like I had a bunch of bugs crawling all over me.
“Holy freaking hell!” I gasped, pulling the front of what had become the new collar of my shirt open and stared with wide eyes at the red and black bra which had formed underneath. The polo wasn’t a polo anymore, the new collar was black, but it had formed into a v-neck which came down to display even more cleavage than the polo. A few inches of material were gone from the bottom of the shirt, exposing the bare flesh of my belly button.
“Your shirt!” Allison gasped, and I braced myself as she leapt from the sofa and came running toward me. She grabbed my shirt by the bottom of the hem and pulled it up so she could get a better look at it. “It changed!”
Megan stood up, grabbed Allison by the shoulders, pulled her away and positioned herself between me and her cousin. “Somehow, I get the sense, you didn’t intend for that to happen.”
“No, I imagined myself wearing a bra and it sort of happened. Shit I got a magic bra.” I blushed and tugged at the bottom of my shirt. Why the hell did the damn thing have to get shorter?
“I’m guessing the ability to create magical undergarments is not the true extent of your trick,” Mr. Hails put in stroking his chin.
“Yeah,” Megan agreed. “I bet you can change the rest of your clothes too, but the amount of fabric you’re wearing must limit it. That’s why the collar and the bottom of your shirt changed.”
“Lame, I was hoping for something a little cooler,” I groaned and collapsed back into my seat.
“There are cases where a few twisted have developed multiple tricks or even a single trick with different aspects, but I wouldn’t hold my breath,” Megan shrugged.
“Yeah, but that’s rare,” Allison scrunched her nose up and shook her head. “It’s killer! I’d love to change what I was wearing at the drop of a hat! I’d save a fortune on clothes!”
“She has a point,” Mr. Hails added. “While tricks may seem spectacular, they often aren’t particularly practical. This one has the potential to be useful assuming we are correct about how it works.”
“There’s one way to find out,” Megan grinned. “You remember that outfit Rachel Lockridge was wearing last week? The purple tube top with the denim mini skirt? Why don’t you visualize yourself wearing it?”
I was ready to protest, but I actually wanted to try out the outfit. ‘Yep, some mental changes,’ I thought with a weary sigh before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.
I visualized myself in the getup and my clothes shifted and changed. The color of the threads shifted as they wove themselves into the intricate pattern of the new fabrics. The outfit was identical to Rachel’s with one key exception my footwear hadn’t changed with the rest of my apparel. When I closed my eyes again, I imagined myself wearing a pair of purple sandals to match and my trick did the rest.
I glanced at Megan and caught her staring at my breasts. I blushed and my stomach tied up in knots as I fought down my panic. A growing part of me liked the way I looked and I think she did too, but I was having a hard time reading her. I’d known her longer than I could remember and I could read her better than almost anyone, but this time what I saw there on her face confused me. That look in her eyes suggested she liked what she saw, but the frown she had told another story.
“Well,” Mr. Hails said unaware of the way the two of us were looking at one another. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s getting late and I would like to eat before going to bed.”
Allison and Megan both chimed in and mentioned that they were also hungry. Food was about the last thing on my mind and I didn’t seem to have much of an appetite, but I hadn’t eaten since this morning. Because of the hour and the fact we were all worn out from the days ordeals Mr. Hails decided that we’d get delivery from Pizza Shack. It wasn’t the best pie in town, but it was the fastest and it was one of the few places that would deliver to Megan’s house.

“Maybe now would be a good time to tell your Dad you’re into girls.” Allison grinned, took a bite from her pizza and smiled at Mr. Hails who was staring at her with his mouth hanging open.
“W-what?!” Mr. Hails’ snapped around as his big, wide eyes fell on his daughter.
Megan glared at Allison, bit her lip and turned back to her father. “I was planning on telling you. The right time just hadn’t presented itself. I was worried how you might react.”
“Megan, that sort of thing makes no difference,” he replied reaching over and throwing his arms around her in a hug. “Why didn’t you say something?”
“Thanks Dad,” she broke away, bit her lip and looked down at the table. “I sort of had this image in my head of how my life would turn out and I sort of freaked when I realized I like girls. A part of me always knew, but that night at Ally’s house, I guess, is when I accepted it.”
“At Allison’s house?” Mr. Hails asked with a raised eyebrow. “Megan do you and your cousin have something to tell me?”
“Huh?” she wrinkled her nose and stared at him with a blank expression. Realization seemed to strike her and she let out a loud groan and glanced at her cousin. “No no no! That’s not what it sounds like, ew, no. Allison had a slumber party, and I got caught up in the moment and I sort of kissed one of her friends.”
“Ha! Well that’s a relief,” Mr. Hails chuckled then glanced at Megan who was rolling her eyes. He cleared his throat and cupped Megan’s hands. “Megan, I am sorry things didn’t turn out as you imagined, but remember what your grandfather used to say. ‘Sometimes when life takes you off the beaten path, you make your own way.'”
She blushed then shook her head and looked at me with an apologetic smile. “Here I am whining about being a lesbian when Jim here has it much worse than I do. I mean, you know, with everything that’s happened today.”
I frowned, pondering my disownment and the shame of my walk through the mall before a grin stretched onto my face as a thought occurred to me. “You know what, Megs? It’s okay.”
“Yeah, I think I’m a lesbian too,” I said with a shrug just before taking a big bite from my pizza.
Megan snorted and let out a soft chuckle which I think it just may have been the most beautiful sound in the world.