Part 7 – Shit Hole

“Shit, Jim?” Allison voice wafted in from the doorway.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and glanced over my shoulder at Allison. She was holding a large plastic bag marked with the all too familiar logo of Mom’s workplace, Haglund’s. With my mother’s departure a few minutes earlier, it was a painful reminder of her rejection. My lip trembled, and I turned away so that Allison wouldn’t see my crying.

“Yeah, it’s Jim,” Megan replied in my place.

“Why’s she crying?” Allison asked dropping the bag of cloths in front of my feet.

“I just had my heart cut out!” I screamed between sobs. “My mother wants nothing to do with me!”

“Shit, what happened?” Allison asked.

“I-I’d rather not talk about it.” I snatched the bag from the ground and rifled through it.

Near the top, I found a pack of girl’s panties with the name cotton bikinis on the bag. I hesitated a moment before splitting the bag open and fetched a plain white pair, the least feminine color choice, from inside. Slipping them up my legs, I bit my lip and shook my head. Because I had become so accustomed to boxer briefs, it felt a little strange wearing something so form fitting, especially without a cock and balls to fill the crotch area.

I peered back inside the bag and found a red polo shirt with a black collar. I slipped it over my head, glad to cover my breasts. The shirt was tight, across the chest in particular, but I had a feeling that I’d be running into that a lot since I seemed to be very well-endowed. I stopped before moving onto the next item to pull my hair out from inside my shirt. I held the tip in front of my face and grimaced. Of, all the colors I had to end up with it had to be fucking purple hair. I hated purple. Still, at least it wasn’t pink.

Brushing my hair behind my back I reached into the bag and pulled out the next item, a pair of black short shorts with a drawstring. I glared at the damn things and held them in front of my face. Though I liked seeing girls wear them, they were damn revealing. I would have never considered wearing them before my twist, but better them than nothing.

“Might as well go out in the undies,” I muttered under my breath and scowled as I forced the damn things up my legs. They were a little loose around the waist, but tight in the ass so I pulled on the drawstrings.

The last item was a pair of flip-flops. I always found them to be a little uncomfortable, but since they were plain black with red trim, they weren’t anything I’d be too embarrassed to wear. The rest of the outfit was another story entirely. The shorts showed off way too much leg and were only slightly less revealing than the panties underneath and while the shirt colors were gender-neutral the cut definitely was not and even showed off a little of my new cleavage. I suppose it could have been worse, Allison could have bought me a pink leotard and a tutu or something just as frilly. I shuddered at the thought and glared up at Megan’s cousin.

“Seriously?” I asked Allison. “Short shorts?”

“They’re cute, and besides that was the cheapest outfit I could find that matched.” She scowled down at us and folded her arms across her chest.

“Yes, well I’m so glad you took the time to color coordinate,” I said between gritted teeth.

“They look good on you,” Megan said, and I turned to meet her gaze.

I wasn’t quite sure why, but her comment was oddly comforting, “You really think so?” I asked.

Allison looked from me then back to Megan, “You definitely have the bod for it.”

I felt a tingle of excitement at Allison’s comment. “Oh, god! I am so hot.”

“I think you might have some mental changes,” Megan said a hint of a smile on her face.

“It’s not that uncommon with a twist,” she added in explanation when she caught my blank expression.

“Well, the good news is I convinced the mall management not to press any charges.” Mr. Hails appeared from the doorway, but stopped dead in his tracks when he got a good look inside the room. “Jim, what happened to your mother?”

I’m not sure how he missed her tearing out of the room, but his question dredged up all the sore feelings from my mother’s rejection. I didn’t cry this time, but my eyes misted up.

“She’s gone,” I mumbled glancing down at the floor. “Apparently, since I’m a twisted freak, I’m not good enough to be her son anymore.”

“I would think, a mother’s love would see past such things.” He spoke in a calm, collected manner that almost seemed to make his response nonchalant. If it hadn’t been the firestorm of fury that was brewing in his eyes I never would have guessed that he was angry.

“Apparently not,” I said my lips trembling.

“Well, let’s hope she comes to her senses,” he said with a calm, reassuring smile. “Until then, you’re always welcome to come live with Megan and I.”

“Thank you,” I muttered letting a sob escape my lips. “But what if she doesn’t?”

Mr. Hails pursed his lips and let out a long sigh. “We’ll figure something out. Just know that if it comes down to it, I would never put you out on the street.”

Megan put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a smile that seemed just a little forced. “Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.”

I forced a smile of my own, but it was lackluster. I doubted it did much to mask the simmering jumble of emotions that threatened to scream out from me at a moment’s notice. “Gladly, I never want to set foot in this shit-hole ever again.”