Part 8 – Exit Stage Left

I was so eager to leave I was the first out of the security offices, but I regretted my haste when I sensed the eyes of everyone in the area on me. I balled my hands at my sides and stepped forward trying to ignore the looks, but I found myself meeting people’s gazes, anyway.
A boy of about thirteen was staring at my chest when I looked down I realized that my nipples were showing through my shirt. Blushing, I folded my arms across my chest and moved past him. Even when my back was to him I swore that I could feel those damn prying eyes on me. Even clothed the walk out the mall proved to be almost as humiliating as our march to security offices and it was only my determination to get the hell out of Dodge that kept me putting one foot in front of the other. Before I’d been so shocked and humiliated that I didn’t look people in the face, but this time I noted all the hateful glares, every obscene gesture, and every lewd look.
Mr. Hails took the lead, and we followed him to the far North side of the mall. We’d almost made it to the exit when I found myself face to face with the girl from the Game Palace. I was more than a little gratified to see that her face was swollen and she was sporting a nasty black eye from where Megan had hit her in the face.
“FREAK!” she screamed.
“Get the hell out of my way.” I stepped forward and got up right up in her face. I’d never hit a girl before, but I balled my fist up prepared to do just that. Besides, I was a girl now and about the same size so it would be a fair fight. Well, unless I discovered I had any special powers in the next few minutes.
“No,” she said and snatched hold of one of my wrists. “I’m not gonna let you get away! You twisted freaks are always causing trouble it’s time one of you get what you deserve.”
“What I deserve?!” I freed my wrist and shoved her away then motioned at my chest. “What the hell did I do to deserve this? You’re the one that started the damn fight! You remember my friend here, don’t you?” I threw a thumb over my shoulder at Megan. “Well, let’s say if you don’t get out of my fucking face, what she did to you will pale in comparison to what I’ll do.”
That seemed to do the trick, the girls stepped away and watched us walk past her. I heard her mutter a half-hearted “freak” as we left, but I ignored the insult. I didn’t want another fight. My threats against her had been a bluff meant to scare her off.
It was almost dark when we were outside and I let out a long sigh of relief as I took in the warm summer’s air. I started for my car, but stopped mid-stride when I realized I didn’t have the keys or my driver’s license. My Twist destroyed everything in my pockets, including a good chunk of cash, my car keys and cell phone.
“I-I guess, I’ll have to ride with you guys. My keys are gone.” I sighed and followed Megan and the other’s to Mr. Hails’ ride.
“Thanks Dad, for coming and getting us,” Megan said as she climbed into the driver’s side backseat.
“You should thank your cousin. She’s the one that called me,” Mr. Hails replied.
Megan glanced at Allison, hesitated for just a moment, then let out a long sigh. “Thanks Ally.”
“How’d you know what happened?” I asked.
Allison shrugged, “I couldn’t find you guys anywhere and every time I tried to call Meg’s mobile I got a busy signal. So I asked around and found out about what had happened at the game store. I figured it was Megan who’d gone through her twist since she’s about due. I had no idea it was you.”
“Oh,” Megan winced. “You told Dad I went through my twist didn’t you?”
“Yeah,” Allison grimaced. “But can you blame me? What were the chances that’d be Jim?”
I sat back in my seat, closed my eyes, and let Megan and Allison continue the conversation without me. I had so much to think about and it didn’t seem very relevant. What would I do? My entire world had come crashing down around my ears. I liked it when Megan and Allison complimented me which was weird. I think Megan was right when she said there might have been some mental changes. It terrified me, I might have lost a part of myself when I underwent my twist and even if I had would I be able to tell?
The car came to a stop and I opened my eyes to watch as Mr. Hails pulled the car into the driveway. I got out with the others and groaned when a simple realization dawned on me.
“What’s wrong?” Megan asked, placing a hand on my shoulder.
I blushed and bit my lip. “I need to pee.”